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Wellness fact: Red meat

Good quality red meat may help improve your overall health and increase your mental drive, focus and motivation. It can do this by providing the body with tyrosine and choline, which are the essential building blocks for neurotransmitters throughout the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transmit signals from the nerve cell to another target neuron, muscle cell or gland cell, instructing it to carry out the intended function.

There is a common misconception that animal fats are bad saturated fats. However, the lipids found in red meat also include ‘oleic acid’, which is the primary fat found in olive oil and omega 3 – as long as the animal was grass fed and organic.

Red meat is the primary source of all proteins, and it does a whole lot more than just build muscle! Sufficient protein helps with managing blood sugar, playing a vital role in building hormones and resynthesizing soft tissue. As an essential part of the diet, protein enables us to live a healthy stronger life.