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Protecting the body throughout winter

With winter around the corner, it’s especially important to take care of yourself. It’s not unusual for people to experience psychological and physiological changes during the winter months.


Psychological: The condition known as SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) or the ‘winter blues’ creates fatigue and lethargy. Since the onset of SAD is due to a lack of sunlight it is important to gain exposure to artificial light. Also consider leaving curtains and blinds open to create longer periods of light exposure. A craving for carbohydrates is a common sensation by those suffering from the winter blues and it is therefore particularly important to eat more fruits and vegetables to help satisfy the stomach and reduce excess fat storage.


Physiological: During the winter, nails and hair follicles become weak and brittle and often split because of the dry air associated with cold weather and lower humidity levels. Supplementing on biotin and essential fatty acids such as EFAs will ensure that the skin remains nourished and cells are kept in good healthy condition. To alleviate dry nails and cuticles, try applying an emollient such as petroleum jelly, which holds moisture in and around the nails. Supplements containing Vitamin A, B12 and lysine can promote cell growth, while zinc can help combat dry scalp problems. Ensure that exercise remains a priority, even though it can be neglected on darkened days and nights, to maintain a stable body composition.