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We all love to be independent. The sense of being in control is one of the most natural feelings in the world.

Of course, we know that life needs teamwork, that every day we rely on the honest service of people we never meet. This means we trust that a taxi will be available when we call, that we’ll find nice clothes when we need them, there’ll be fresh milk at the shop and a fire engine with able-bodied firefighters will turn up at a moment’s notice.

But, though we don’t make our own sheets, we all like to make our own decisions. Good health in our youth means a bright future stretching out in a limitless ocean of days.

Until elements of our physical performance become variously weakened, slowed, dimmed, muted, irregular or uncertain. That’s what time does to us.

It becomes tricky for the family to talk about. We’ve been their mothers and fathers, their guide, their leader, even their inspiration, but now they have to admit that we’ve lost our edge, while they are still sharp.

We have to admit it, too. The desire to stay in our own home and keep making the decisions we’ve always made is powerful, yet there comes a time when we must face up to reduced performance. Our family can help a lot with that.

Regardless of age, we sometimes need special help after illness or surgery. Well, it turns out that, in the same way, our independence in ageing can be prolonged by clever products that address common conditions.

Radius Care is a specialist in aged care, providing day stay, residential and full hospital care. However, well before you need to move into an aged care facility, The Radius Shop (our online store) has creative products that can make your day easier.

They add comfort to your life with practical items that work. Much of it is hospital-grade equipment and consumables and you can buy it discreetly online.

You don’t have to be in a rest home — the Radius Shop is open to anyone, and it’s great value for money.

For example, take adult diapers, or pads. Many people require them temporarily following surgery. They’re discreet and let you live your normal life while you heal without fear of being caught out.

For older people travelling with their families, they are indispensable when you just can’t find a bathroom when you need one. Get a free sample of an incontinence product.

Among the hundreds of products available online, the Radius Shop offers mobility assistance, with a wide range of products including walking sticks (even foldable ones for occasional use), household items to make daily life easier, such as shower stools, rehab and protection items such as pressure-relieving cushions or chairs which are stable and easy to get in and out of — following hip surgery, for example — or simply to make your life more comfortable.

Visit the Radius Shop now, or find the Radius Shop page on Facebook.


Each month Radius will spotlight 3 great new products from their online shop.
As a GrownUps member you can take advantage of a special 10% off discount on these products.*

To claim your 10% off simply enter this code in the checkout area: GUPSXM

December’s Featured Products are:

1. Abri-Flex Premium:

Pull-ups Style Incontinence Product
Abri-Flex Premium 1400ml
Medium: SA41083
Large: SA41086
XLarge: SA41089

The Abri-Flex range offer a discreet pull-up pant with quality features of softness, Top-Dry System, breathability and leakage security. The discreet wetness indicator shows when it is ready for changing and is very useful for those who have a carer.

2. Freedom Stroller XC Walking Frame:

Max user weight 150kg.
The German engineered Freiheit Freedom Stroller XC supports a heavier user weight while remaining lightweight, safe and easily transportable.

3. Comfort Hip Protector:

A comfortable and discreet cotton undergarment by SOFTECH that considerably decreases the risk of bone and hip fractures in the event of a fall.

*Discount is valid between 01/12/17 and 31/12/17