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Menopause and vaginal health

pexels-photo-204205Have you ever discussed your vaginal health with your GP or other health care provider?

Estrogen levels, important, for vaginal health, drop significantly between peri-menopause (the time leading up to your last menstrual period) and postmenopause (12 months after your final menstrual period). This causes the vaginal lining to become thinner, drier, less elastic and more fragile; a condition called vaginal (urogenital) atrophy. Symptoms may include burning, discharge, urinary symptoms, painful intercourse and decline in libido.

The health of your urogenital system (i.e. the urinary system and interior and exterior genitalia) is important for more than sex; it is affects urinary function and resistance to infection.

Although many women believe their symptoms are an expected and common part of the aging process, you can improve your vaginal health.

Treatment options for women with vaginal atrophy include non-hormonal lubricants or vaginal estrogen cream.

The most important thing is to SPEAK UP and talk to your doctor or other health care professional and together you can come up with a treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms.

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