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A laugh a-day keeps the doctor away!

Laughing heartily for ten minutes a day is the simplest, easiest way of becoming disease free.  I know you are all saying – “What?  I can’t laugh that long every day.  I don’t have that much to laugh about in my life!”  Yes, that is true.  There are many reasons why people hardly raise a smile on their lips, let alone laugh.  This is why it is very important to know how to laugh out loud for no reason at all.

So, let us begin with a simple smile.   Yes, that’s right, start to curl up your lips at both ends and at the same time crinkle up your eyes… and I dare you…. even show your teeth a little…. and hey presto! A smile pops out!  It tightens all your muscles in your face, which eases wrinkles and stimulates your lymphatic system to release toxins from your body.  And, your brain sends messages to send out a ‘joy cocktail’ of stress-relieving hormones into your body and already you will notice a difference in how you feel.

And, did you know, if you smile at everyone, no matter if they are grumpy, their brains will still light up and send out the ‘joy cocktail’ in response to your smile, making them feel less grumpy even if they do not smile back at you.  Isn’t that amazing?

I smile at everyone I meet.  It doesn’t matter who they are, or where they are, it works wonders!  Smiling is like laughing.  It doesn’t matter if you are smiling because you are really smiling, or whether you are simply receiving a smile from someone else.  The brain knows no difference and floods the body with the ‘joy cocktail’ anyway. “ Very good! Very good!  Yey!”  I say, as I clap my hands and do a thumbs up sign. This is a great little chant that reminds me to be playful and childlike at all times.  Life can get soooooooo SERIOUS as an adult.  And when you laugh, it multiplies the effect of a smile a thousand fold.

What are the major health benefits you can expect to experience if you make the choice to laugh on purpose, for no reason at all, every day, for a few minutes?  The major ones are:

  • Your body will be fully oxygenated giving you heaps of energy, your immune system will be boosted and your breathing will improve.
  • You will feel less stressed and more relaxed, which will enable you to meet life’s challenges more readily and effectively.
  • Because your body is in balance hormonally and chemically, you will feel awake and alert, yet calm and ready all at the same time. This means you can really make the most of your life!
  • By smiling and laughing lots you will be connecting with people, making new friends and you will be socialising and having lots of fun!
  • Your memory and peace of mind improves
  • Your blood circulation and general mobility improves
  • You will be able to sleep better
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will improve along with your creativity and communication skills.

Let’s finish with another laughter exercise.  This is the Lion Laughter.  Imagine you are a large cuddly lion, and you put up your paws, open your mouth wide, open your eyes wide, stick out your tongue as far as possible and roar and laugh!  Ro– ar – aaaa ha ha ha!

To find out where you can laugh with others on purpose for more health and happiness.

By Lynda Andrews