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Improve your balance with a bird dog (or two)

Super Senior 600
Super Senior 600

Super Senior The bird dog exercise is one of the most commonly recommended exercises for older adults.

As you will discover it challenges your balance and strengthens your core at the same time. The ‘core’ refers to the muscles that make up your mid-section; i.e. your lower back, abdominals and deeper muscles like pelvic floor.

Having a strong ‘core’ is like having a good foundation upon which to build your house – if the foundations are not right it stands to reason things won’t be too stable in other areas!

The bird dog technique
Get on all fours and adopt a ‘table top’ position.
N.B. If you can get to and from the floor without too much trouble use that but if not a bed or wide bench will do just as well.

Imagine you are balancing a cup of tea or glass of wine on your back and then extend one arm out in front of you. Return that hand to the floor and extend the other arm.

Now at the same time as you extend one arm to the front you extend the OPPOSITE leg behind you. i.e. left arm and right leg. Change over. i.e. right arm and left leg. That’s a bird dog!

Try to do 6-8 slowly and with control.