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Bragging – It’s something we should all be doing!

Bragging has got a bad rap. Seen as something negative because of our societal norms, standing up and promoting yourself is not what most New Zealanders feel comfortable doing. We tend to leave it to others to share our accomplishments publicly instead.

But it turns out, bragging is something we should be doing. Not convinced? Then here are some great reasons why you should shout your own praises …

Why You Should Stand Tall & Share Your Accomplishments

Forget everything you’ve been told and start sharing your achievements because:

  1. It can open new doors and opportunities in your personal life, within relationships and your social groupings.
  2. You can increase your income, by telling your boss about the ways you can offer value to their business, resulting in a higher salary.
  3. You feel better knowing that you can share your accomplishments with others and they can congratulate you on them.
  4. It sets the bar higher for you personally, challenging you to improve yourself.
  5. It encourages others to follow your lead, doing great things and sharing them with others.
  6. It helps you stand out from the crowd, which is a good thing! Be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved!
  7. It shows people who you really are, which helps with making real and lasting connections with others.
  8. Great stories make life interesting! If you share what you have done, others will be more likely to tell you about their own stories!

Take care though, because bragging in the wrong manner can backfire upon you. For instance, oversharing on social media is one way it can bring you negative responses. While it’s okay to let people know you’ve won an award, explaining what you’re going to do in detail with the money from your award isn’t a good idea. Bragging about personal characteristics can also backfire, such as telling people you are so busy you don’t or can’t get enough sleep. People are going to assume that you are sleep deprived and not taking care of yourself, which isn’t something you want people thinking. It’s a fine balance when it comes to being a tall poppy, but do it carefully and you’ll reap the rewards!