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Five Reasons To Eat Raw Foods

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Raw food is unprocessed and uncooked and is plant based, including fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruit, and seaweed. Most ‘raw foodies’ don’t advocate eating meat or fish raw, but it can be done, depending on the type and quality of the protein (never poultry!).

Cooking some food is believed to destroy enzymes in it which can assist in the digestion and absorption. Increasing your intake of fresh raw food is great for your body – it increases the nutrients and fibre you receive, and is a healthy addition to any diet.

There is no denying that there are many reasons why one should incorporate more raw foods in their diet.  Here are 5 possible benefits when eating a raw food diet, or at least incorporating more raw foods in your diet.

1.  Lowers Free Radicals and formation of Disease

The severity of many chronic diseases can be reduced by eating a healthier, more plant-rich diet. Those suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity can all benefit from increasing their intake of fresh food.  When food is cooked it can form free radicals. A diet that is high in raw foods lowers the creation of free radicals in the body.

2.  Saves Money

Highly processed food is often expensive, in several ways – firstly, its actual cost. Secondly, it is often highly packaged as well, creating costs to deal with the waste. Lastly, as it is low in nutrients, there is a cost to your body, which some people counteract by buying expensive supplements. You can easily grow a number of ‘food plants’ which will reduce your grocery bill.

3.  Saves Time

Raw foods take very little preparation so you spend less time in the kitchen. Most raw food meals that even your children can help in the preparation and some can do the preparation alone.

4.  Normalises Body Weight

Consuming raw foods will help you achieve your ideal body weight. With raw foods you won’t ever feel over-full and you are virtually unable to overeat fresh food in the quantities required to gain weight.

5.  More Energy

An excellent benefit of raw food is that most people feel more energy. Raw foods encourage a higher metabolic rate and increase your energy levels.