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How Good Dentures Can Help Your Diet

It’s no secret that dentures can drastically boost your self-confidence and enhance the aesthetics of your smile. But did you know that a new set of pearly whites can improve your diet? Previously you may have found yourself avoiding certain types of food like corn on the cob, wholegrain bread, or skipping meals altogether. Whatever the case, developing picky eating habits doesn’t correlate with a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing dentures is quality. While a lacklustre pair of dentures could still leave you avoiding certain foods and experiencing discomfort, a good pair of false teeth should have you feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s a major investment in your smile and your lifestyle so it makes sense that you should take excellent care of your dentures. This means adopting a daily cleaning routine and using the right products to keep your teeth looking natural and white. You’ll also find products designed to enhance your overall experience.

Eat with confidence

Augment your experience with a denture adhesive solution from Polident. Application takes just minutes and provides a strong, all day hold. This means you can bite, chew and nibble with no inhibitions. Furthermore, after polishing off your meal the tight seal minimises the chance of irritating food particles finding their way under your denture. If you hate having to rush off to the bathroom after every meal to rinse out your dentures, an adhesive solution could change your approach to eating. Choose from fresh mint or a flavour-free version that doesn’t interfere with the taste of your food.

Expand your boundaries

A good set of dentures shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the foods you love. While you may need to start off with soft foods, smoothies and purees while getting used to your dentures, eventually you should be able to enjoy bagels, nuts, steak, boiled sweets and other foods similarly avoided by some denture wearers.  When it comes to championing a healthy diet, these types of foods can be beneficial.  For example, one article published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology concluded that the frequent intake of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts and walnuts was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. With a good set of dentures and the right care and cleaning products, you don’t need to think twice about whether you can dig into that salad topped with nuts and seeds.