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Denture plaque – why to look after your dentures

Just like real teeth, dentures need a little TLC to keep them looking, and performing at their best. This means committing to a regular cleaning routine, and avoiding wearing your dentures overnight.

So, why should you make an effort to keep your dentures clean?

A bright, white smile
From an aesthetics perspective, of course you want your dentures looking as good as possible. cherry-laithang-171940After all, they’re called pearly whites for a reason! If your dentures aren’t cleaned properly, then plaque can start to build and even cause discolouration. So, instead of having a bright white set of falsies, they can sometimes start to look dull, and even a little brown or yellow. These types of stains can be tough to remove, so it’s best to help prevent them from happening in the first place.

Fresh breath
Just because you have dentures, it unfortunately doesn’t mean you’re exempt from bad breath. In fact, the bacteria and debris that build up on natural teeth and soft oral tissues can also accumulate on dentures just as easily. When plaque builds up it may start to support odour-causing bacteria, and these create volatile sulphur compounds, which cause bad breath.

shutterstock_385460722-copyMake the most of your dentures
Generally, dentures are made to last between 5 and 10 years. That said, some people enjoy up to 20 years from one set! Of course, there’s generally a correlation between care and lifespan. So, if you put in a bit of time to look after your dentures and prevent plaque build-up, they will very likely last longer and stay whiter. This is also great for your wallet, as it means you won’t have to fork out for new dentures every few years.

With the right tools and knowledge it’s easy to keep your dentures clean, fresh, and plaque free. 28qnkcahlmTry using Polident’s Overnight Cleanser tablets to help remove plaque build-up, as they have been shown to kill up to 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria in laboratory tests. Then stick to an easy daily three-step denture cleaning routine, involving a soak, brush and rinse.

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