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How to overcome an anxiety attack

Many anxiety attack sufferers wish to know how to overcome anxiety attack permanently. Although the process requires much time and effort, it is more important to understand the thinking and logic behind it.

One of the most important steps in learning how to overcome anxiety attack is to come to term with your anxious feelings. Everyone experience a certain degree of anxiety in their life, this is perfectly natural and normal. However, a lot of sufferers want their anxious feelings to go away, and that logic is wrong in itself.

Anxiety is part of life, it needs to be there. It is neither healthy nor desirable to be rid of it forever. Sadly, this is what most sufferers are doing, trying their best not to feel anxious. In their haste to overcome an anxiety attack, they are actually worsening their condition by trying to be rid of the anxious feeling. Come to term with your anxiety, accept it.

More recent research has also indicated that an anxiety attack is linked to the body’s natural response to danger. By learning how to recognize these responses, you can make an adjustment to change them.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is widely used to correct the irrational fear associated with these responses. Regardless of what you’re afraid of, it is possible to unlearn that behaviour that makes you anxious. Imagery techniques and relaxation skills will also be taught during CBT and they can help you to gradually learn how to overcome anxiety attacks.

Keep in mind that regardless of which techniques you choose to use to overcome anxiety attacks, you must believe in them and practice them daily. It’s normal to experience setbacks when training to overcome anxiety attacks, the main point here is to not give up hope. Such techniques take time, but the rewards as well worth the effort. Imagine being able to overcome anxiety attack permanently, no more taking of medicine and drugs to control it.

Don’t keep hiding and running away from an anxiety attack. Left untreated, anxiety attack will slowly take over your life, seriously crippling your ability to live a normal healthy lifestyle. Take action now, take control of your life and make an effort to overcome anxiety attacks!


Courtesy of Andrew Lim