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Impact Skin Repair Feedback

9168 Impact Skin Repair Footer
9168 Impact Skin Repair Footer

"Just to let you know that I am VERY impressed with the IMPACT SKIN REPAIR LOTION. This is a very effective product. I also use this product on myself on a daily basis. I have mature skin and have tried many moisturisers over the years. I do not hesitate to recommend IMPACT SKIN REPAIR LOTION as an effective and cost efficient product.” Lynne Potter, Managing Director, GILLIES COURT REST HOME, Auckland

"I am an avid user of Impact Skin Repair and now that six weeks of use has shown me the value of this product I will continue to use it. My skin, especially on the face, prior to using Impact Skin Repair was thin, scabby and totally sun damaged. Now after 6 weeks use most of the damage has been repaired and the skin is looking great. Friends and family are impressed and mentioning the fact." J.W.M, New Plymouth, 81 years old (male)

"I'm so happy with my Impact Skin Repair Lotion. My skin is 10 years younger. I am amazed; it really does what it promises." Johanna Butler, Tauranga

"Love the product and the large pump container. Have noticed my arms don't have that dry feeling to them anymore. Great lotion!" JWF, Hastings

"I have found the Impact Skin Repair quite wonderful. I would recommend it to everyone who has dryer skin. I use it all day after gardening and any other household task I may do. I find it is also excellent for my fingernails as well. Thank you so much." NEW, Christchurch

"Thank you so much for the great Skin Repair. I am in my late 70's and have very dry skin due to thyroid and coeliac problems. Since receiving Impact Skin Repair 7 weeks ago my skin is silky soft. I have always had dry, itchy, flaky skin between my fingers but no more. Thank you once again." M. Peden, Rotorua

"I love the way the Impact Skin Repair® soaks into my skin without leaving any greasy feeling on the surface. I wish I had been using it years ago." Jan Salmon, Hamilton

"The Impact Skin Repair® cream has made a big improvement on all my skin. I also had a lot of age spots and they have faded so much. Very good cream for my heels and feet. Thank you so much." Maureen Adam, Papakura

"I am very impressed with the Impact Skin Repair. My mum is 83 living at Jane Mander Retirement Village, Whangarei. I have seen an improvement in my mum's dry damaged skin." D. Hewitt, Kaitaia

"I am extremely pleased with this product. Dry patches on face have gone, legs are no longer tight and itchy. Use on face every day (with a sunscreen) and as a night cream as well as on neck and body. I would recommend this product. I like the pump too. Great delivery service also." AL, Avondale, Auckland

"I am writing to let you know that since I have started using Impact Skin Repair® I have been pleasantly surprised of the results so far achieved. As I am getting on in age my skin had dried out considerably and now my skin condition has improved remarkably. Dryness and flaking would appear to be disappearing at a steady rate. " V.S.G, Wanganui

"I am very impressed with the Impact Skin Repair®, it is very smooth to apply and it does reduce colour in age spots. I do not hesitate to be use daily." Winfred Munro, Auckland

"What a difference this product has made to my husband and myself after 5 weeks of using Impact Skin Repair®. It is early days yet but we can find an amazing improvement in our matured skin. Age spots fading, dryness and irritation is slowly disappearing and our hands look great. So it must be true what others are saying." B Kernohan, Gisborne

"After suffering a stroke and losing mobility on the left side, my carer started massaging my arm daily using Impact Skin Repair®. This lotion was chosen because it was a non-irritating, chemical free product. Within a short time my family noticed that my skin condition was improving considerably on my left arm. My skin was soft, dryness had completely disappeared, rough dark patches had faded and softened – the difference between the two arms was incredible. As a result, I now get cream applied to both arms and my legs every day and the results are quite unbelievable." Garry, 68 years old, Auckland

"I am 90 years old and never expected to find anything that could actually repair my damaged and frail skin. After 6 weeks of using Impact Skin Repair® I saw an amazing improvement and now six months later, my skin has never looked or felt so great. Age spots have faded, my skin has become softer and dryness and irritation has disappeared." Ngaire, 90 years old, Papakura

"My husband has noticed a big improvement of his face which was very dry. Myself I'm having a very slow improvement on hands and legs and arms. I have had polymyalgia for over 6 years and as a result prednisone has played havoc with my skin with much bruising and brown patches. Have to be thankful for small improvements." MEG, Manaia

"I initially got Impact Skin Repair® for my mother who is in her 70's and has dry "fragile" skin. However after using it a few times I was so impressed with how it felt and how well it moisturizes my skin that I have now started using it myself." Theresa, 42 years old, Whitford

"I am in my early 40's and recently started to notice that the skin on my arms and legs is not as good as it used to be. I have always moisturised my skin but the normal creams don't seem to have the same affect any more. I have been using Impact Skin Repair® now for about 3 months and am really surprised at the improvement. My skin just feels so much softer and in really good condition. I am very impressed." Rebecca, 43 years old, Hamilton