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Cancer Research Trust New Zealand: ‘Leave a Legacy’ and make a difference!

lung cancer
lung cancer


If you want to help the fight against Cancer Research….


Include Cancer Research Trust in your will.

Your bequest will assure future cancer research IS funded and make a meaningful contribution to

help get cancer on the run!

Cancer Research Trust New Zealand fund those New Zealand health professionals and researchers with big ideas, to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and care for people living with cancer, live better lives today and tomorrow.

The Trust is somewhat different from other cancer supporting organisations.

Cancer Research Trust funds research and professional development across the full cancer spectrum, including prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, as well as end of life and supportive care.

To ensure we continue to make significant advances in the future we support research that starts with a big idea.  At Cancer Research Trust we help those ideas grow – all projects funded by Cancer Research Trust enable new ways to incubate ideas, define proof of concept and provide a place to refine innovative methods for prevention, detection, cure and care. The Trust is playing a major role in the development of research thinking and education and in doing so is helping to ensure more research can be undertaken by larger grants both locally and internationally.

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Understanding cancer is the only way to minimise the impact on our families, friends, and work colleagues – it’s about saving more lives and helping accelerate cancer research across the full spectrum of cancers.

The Trust has been working quietly behind the scenes over the last 18 years investing over $16 million to ensure New Zealanders treatment and management of cancer is amongst the best in the world.

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A gift included in your will costs you nothing during your lifetime. It’s easy and can be changed if you change your mind in the future!

This September Cancer Research Trust has received a massive 56 applications for funding support across a wide range of projects – from combination therapy against lung cancer research, developing tools to identify subgroups of acute myeloid leukaemia, to investigating the treatment of anti-oestrogen resistant breast cancer.  In addition, requests have been received for travel and education grants to attend key courses and conferences that will help with the participants knowledge and education. Over $4 million requests for funding have been received and the Trust will likely only be able to fund 25% of these worthwhile projects.  We know we could and should be doing more – and we could with your support in the future.


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With your support you can help us build a bigger fund to support more BIG ideas next year!

By including Cancer Research Trust as a beneficiary of your will is simple to do and can be changed at any time.  Speak to us or your lawyer to find out how you can leave a bequest to Cancer research trust in your will.

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Or if you would prefer to make an immediate one-off donation or provide regular monthly giving, find out how 100% of very donation goes directly to support cancer research, education and training…

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