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Benefits of Osteopathy

As we age, it is normal for strains, aches and pain to be felt, however, osteopathy is one of many tools you can use to fight back & reclaim your body once more.  Effective for people of all life stages, from infancy to pregnancy and senior years, osteopathy provides gentle, holistic care for your body.

Männerfreundschaft zwischen zwei lachenden Senioren draußen in der Natur

This form of manual therapy predates both physiotherapy and chiropractic as a registered, manual therapy.  In New Zealand, osteopaths are university trained in a 5-year course to learn anatomy, physiology and master osteopathic techniques.

Osteopathy approaches your body from a holistic viewpoint, supporting healing by focusing on how your body systems are communicating. Using a hands-on approach, osteopaths ensure your skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue are able to work harmoniously together.

To do this, osteopaths use a variety of techniques which encompass touch, massage, physical manipulation & stretching.
The benefits of these techniques are:

  • Decrease of tension in the body, reducing pain & tension headaches
  • Reduction of pain in muscles and stiffness in joints
  • Support of spinal posture
  • Increase of blood circulation and healing
  • Improvement of joint mobility

physiotherapy doctor applying a body manipulation on a female patientAlthough there is a range of reasons for seeing an osteopath, for many over 50, one of the main concerns is arthritis and joint discomfort.  Osteopaths see patients with arthritis every day, and treatment can be incredibly effective for patients with these issues.  In fact, many find that osteopathic stretching, joint movements and thrust techniques lessen pain, increase mobility & joint range of movement.

If arthritis is a concern, your osteopath can discuss a management and exercise program to reduce pain & improve mobility.  Osteopathy is patient-centered therefore, your osteopath will work with you to formulate a plan that fits in with your needs & lifestyle.

To find the right osteopath contact your doctor for a referral or ask around your community for recommendations.  Although the cost of osteopaths may vary throughout the country, private health insurance may cover the cost, or if the treatment is for an ACC covered injury the cost will be subsidised.

Aches and pains may seem like just a part of life, but you don’t have to put up with it.  If you are interested in a drug-free, pain relief option that can increase life quality, improve movement, all while getting a massage, why not look into osteopathy?