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Bingo wings be gone! How to tighten your arm muscles

Woman's arm showing muscleEven if you don’t play bingo, the dreaded ‘wings’ can still creep up when you least suspect it. You’re eating all the right things, committing to regular exercise and even manage to drop an entire dress size. But still, those bingo wings have a frustrating habit of sticking around. Yep, as you age it can get harder and harder to firm up certain parts of your body. So, what can you do?

The good news is that if you find yourself packing on the post-menopausal pounds and notice your arms start to get a little flabby, there are measures you can take. And don’t worry, there’s not a nip or a tuck in sight. These personal trainer approved techniques are 100% natural and guaranteed to deliver results.

The ‘bingo wing’ two step

Basically, it’s a two step process that you’ll need to do every day for a month. It’s not a quick fix, but this combo does work remarkably fast. After 30 days, you’ll notice your arms starting to look firm, tight and toned.

Here’s what you’ll need to kickstart your anti bingo wings campaign:

  • A full-length yoga mat – the thicker the better as it will offer your wrists and knees more support
  • A good pair of sneakers
  • A timer – use your phone or steal one from your kitchen

Step 1: The Push Up

Nothing says ‘fit’ quite like a push up. It engages your whole body, and most importantly wakes up your arms. Feel free to start with a modified push up (using your knees as support) and then work your way towards a gold standard version.

Start by stretching out your entire body, with your toes on the mat and your hands placed directly under your chest. Then using your arms lift yourself up counting to four, then let yourself down counting to four. Do this 10-15 times, or more if you can hack it.

Step 2: The Plank

Next up is the plank, a position that’s more or less the upward part of a push up. Remember to keep your abs tight and your back as flat as possible. Try to get as long as possible, by stretching back through your heels and pushing your head forward. Try to hold for 30-60 seconds. Your muscles will burn, your heart will thud and your arms will shake, but your bingo wings will eventually be banished!

Do these in sequence, starting with one circuit and then moving up to three by the end of your month-long programme. Give yourself a 15 second breather between each set, then rinse and repeat. Remember, you need to commit to doing them every day to reap the benefits. Don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated with plenty of water, and a post-workout cup of green tea.


Want to track your progress? Don’t forget to snap a ‘before’ pic of you showing off your wings.

Of course, you’ll see even better results if you stick to a healthy eating plan, and throw in a few other exercise sessions each week. Walking, jogging, aquafit, bike rides… It’s up to you! But, even if you stick to your regular schedule you’ll still start to see your arms firming up and your bingo wings fading.


Do you have any tried and tested workouts? We’d love you to share so get in touch and let us know how you banish your bingo wings?