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About GrownUps and Cancer Research Trust October Cancer Research Awareness month.

Together, we are working with our charity partner, Cancer Research Trust NZ, to take cancer to a new level of understanding!

During October we will be working with Cancer Research Trust and leading personalities who support the Trusts work, such as Jake Bailey, to address many issues surrounding cancer, how it impacts those diagnosed with the disease, what symptoms to look for and the numerous advances taking place in understanding and treating cancer. We are fortunate to have Jake Bailey involved. Jake draws on his own experience of cancer to touch on topics such as resilience in the face of adversity while providing both inspiration and motivation. Although drawing on his experience to demonstrate the lessons he has learnt, these messages are about far more than cancer and are applicable to all people of all backgrounds and ages, who have faced adversity.

“We are thrilled to support Cancer Research Trust, an extraordinary charity, who have provided significant support to cancer research, education and care over the last 17 years. They do amazing work to improve outcomes for those living with and impacted by cancer – something that touches over 95% of all New Zealanders.”

— Garth Hill, Manager, GrownUps, New Zealand

We will also be sharing stories from our GrownUps members who have stories to tell about the challenges they have faced. We understand the value of shared learnings through shared stories and forward to receiving your stories over the coming weeks.

 What if we could find new ways to reduce the effects of cancer?

Almost everyone at some point will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. New Zealand has a growing and aging population, which means more people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before.

Founded in 2002, Cancer Research Trust, a registered charity organisation, the Trust funds research projects and professional development for New Zealand health professionals and researchers to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and care for people living with cancer, and ensure that New Zealanders’ management of cancer is amongst the best in the world.

The Trust has provided over $16 million to fund bold ideas to help get cancer on the run over the last 17 years.  The Trust provides funding support across a range of projects, fellowships and scholarships. In addition, funding is provided for appropriate travel and education grants for researchers and educationalists to attend courses and conferences.  All applications are robustly peer reviewed and ranked according to quality and relevance before funding is granted. While not all will make the grade for funding, there will be many that will be recommended for support, but for which we have insufficient funds available.

Research is our best hope against cancer and major advances in research and practices start with a big idea.

We help those ideas grow through acting as an accelerator to support in order to help reduce the impact of cancer on our families, friends and community.

100% of every dollar donated goes towards cancer related projects and training, and all projects funded by the Trust are rigorously reviewed by a panel of experts before acceptance, in order to maximise the value of those donations.

October will be a great opportunity for GrownUps members to share with their family friends and community.  We would also hope you will talk to them about Cancer Research Trust and the great work that they are doing.

We look forward to sharing with you and, equally, your participation.

We’re getting cancer on the run

RESEARCH ACTION: Cancer Research Trust New Zealand provides grants to doctors and scientists conducting ground-breaking cancer research that will lead to improvements in the prevention, detection, diagnosis or treatment of cancer, or improvements in palliative care. Like the Palliative Care breakfast lecture series, the Trust also helps fund people working in medical and scientific cancer-control to support them in professional development and education.

DONATE TODAY: One in three people is affected by cancer – and Cancer Research Trust New Zealand is doing its best to help each one. Since its foundation it has funded over $16 million in research projects, education and professional development. Every cent of every dollar donated is applied to the work of the trust.

In 2019 Cancer Research trust has received 50 applications for funding support across a range of potential projects – from combination therapy against lung cancer research, developing tools to identify subgroups of acute myeloid leukaemia, to investigating the treatment of anti-oestrogen resistant breast cancer. In addition, requests have been received for travel and education grants to attend courses and conferences. Over $4 million in worthwhile requests for funding have been received while the Trust will only be able to approve funding for a third of these requests.

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