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Participate in research about business failure

stressed man paper

stressed man paperWould you and your life partner like to be part of some important research about business failure?

The purpose of the research is to understand how individuals and couples deal with a business failure.

Are you the founder of a small New Zealand business (entrepreneur), or are you that person’s life partner, and has that business failed? If you answered YES, please read on…

To take part in this research:

  • The business must have employed fewer than 20 employees.
  • The business must have been, or intended to become, your main source of income.
  • You must have been in a committed relationship when the business was closed, and still in that relationship.
  • The business must have been closed by you for reasons that may include any of the following: financial, disputes/legal problems, significant personal issues.
  • The closure must have been more than six months ago.

Participation is voluntary. If you contact me and then decide it’s not for you – that’s fine. The first part of the research will be either a written or spoken (recorded) individual story about the business failure. This story will be made by you and your partner separately. The next stage will be an interview that I will conduct with you and your partner together.


For more information please contact:

Steven Corrick

Phone 022 625 8053

Email [email protected]

Steven Corrick is a doctoral student at AUT’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.  He has returned to university as a mature student after many years in industry.  Steven initially worked as a family lawyer for several years, then qualified and worked as an organisational psychologist, before spending most of his career up to now as a senior HR practitioner.  He has worked in diverse organisations ranging in size from a small technology family business, through to large global corporates.  He also has his own consulting business – but this is “on the back burner” while he completes his PhD.  During his thirty year business career, Steven has had his own encounters with business failure.  These personal experiences, and the fact that little is understood about how people deal with business failure, have helped shape Steven’s current interest in researching this challenging aspect of entrepreneurship.


This study is being conducted by Steven Corrick at the AUT. Please note the GrownUps is not responsible for the study and participants take part in the research at their own risk.