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Is Temporary Work The Answer?

10785 tempwork
10785 tempwork

In a recent employment survey, 42% of employers said they plan to hire temporary of contract works in the coming year. In the past, temporary work has been seen as unstable or risky, but it certainly has its advantages if you look at it another way.

If you have a short term savings goal

Let’s say you are interested in a holiday, renovation, or new car, but have retired form the full time workforce. Accepting a contract or temporary position will give you an injection of cash and a short term project to achieve your goal.

It allows you to try a new industry or position

New opportunities can seem overwhelming, even when they are exciting. If you have been pondering a change of position or industry, a temporary job gives you the chance to get real experience and test your skills. It is a challenge that you can commit to for an agreed period and then reevaluate your feelings afterwards. If it a roaring success, you may be inspired to do extra training or develop new skills. Consider it personal development!

Temporary work can be flexible

In full time employment, it is hard to gain any real flexibility. A temporary contract may be structured in a number of ways, allowing time to work from home, or have a permanent day off each week etc. If you are trying to juggle work and family commitments, a temporary position can have many benefits.

You may be returning to the workforce following a significant absence; to rear children or after illness or injury. Temporary contracts may reduce the pressure you feel while you regain your mojo – it is easy to focus on a short term task and do it well.

Support systems

If you register with an agency specialising in temporary or contract placements, you will be kept up to date with the latest opportunities and supported in terms of negotiation. If you develop a good relationship with a recruiter, temporary work can be both lucrative and satisfying.