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Common mistakes of businesses on social media

Not Enough Interaction

Many times I come across business pages on social networks that get updated once a week. Heck, I see people put up jobs looking for Social Media Communication Managers and say their task will be to update their Facebook or Twitter page once a week. I mean what’s wrong with that picture? Although you may feel you’re not bombarding people with news every single day, it’s still a bad look – when people look at you as a business, they want to see that you’re doing something online every single day; not once a week. It makes your business either seem boring or not on top of your marketing online.

The other thing wrong apart from not updating your Social Networks on a regular i.e. daily basis is the lack of interaction. Twitter has made it so, SO easy for businesses to search what people are talking about with Trending topics, you can search what latest tweets mention your business, or the city you’re in if you’re after interaction with locals. All you need to do is reply to something someone has said. And look at the beauty of Social Media – you do not need to know these people personally; the topic or subject they’re talking about binds you together. Try going out there and apart from updating every day, try talking to people – it doesn’t have to be a hard core business message. As an example, one of our team members, using the easy search option in Twitter looked for people in Wellington city and saw there was a girl who tweeted that she doesn’t know where to go for lunch. A current project we’re working on is helping a hotel in the city who happen to have a restaurant and bar. So our team went on Twitter and mentioned that the girl should have some sort of muffin or something. Next thing, later on that day the girl tweets saying ‘Thank you NAME OF HOTEL for lunch – it was amazing I’ll be back next week’. I mean where else can you get such easy interaction and business all in one? AND now this means all her other friends have seen her write this and chances are, they will come along to the cafe next time. Take the time to dedicate and talk to people online – after all, they are real life people just like you and me just sitting there at their computers.

Bombarding Business Proposals

Have you ever been on a business page on a social network where it’s all just about them pushing product? This is the age where marketing has become a two-way street. People need to feel like the business is including them in any decision making processes, and asking them to contribute. How are you supposed to do this if all your page has on it are business proposals trying to suck money out of people? There are numerous tools online, for example polls that are less intrusive and will get you some great feedback about what deals you should be putting up that people will answer to. You’re online to make business, to do business and you can’t have a business without knowing what people in your market want; what people in your market online want. Perhaps there’s an event happening in the city and your target market would be interested to know about it…write about that. Become a hub of knowledge – it doesn’t always have to be business proposals you share – have you written an article for a website, or is there a story about you published in the latest issue of some magazine or newspaper? Write about that – give people value. It’s an overused term ‘to give people value’ but it truly works. You have minimum time online to build a relationship with people so why not use the time to give them value so they gain your trust, and in turn, will be more open to business deals, proposals and communication about you doing business with them.

No Value to Target Market

Say you were selling cat food online. You wouldn’t necessarily want to advertise dog kennels for these people. If you are in a business that sells suits to men, you wouldn’t be going along to a single women’s networking event; because it’s not your primary market. So keep your updates, value propositions and networking online relevant to your target market. It’s basic Marketing 101 – be relevant, but you won’t believe how many of those suit-selling businesses try to figuratively get into single women’s networking events. It doesn’t work as well, it’s irrelevant and it’s a waste of your time. Keep to a clear plan about what you’re selling or offering, and only update your target market about those things.


By Eva-Maria  

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Eva-Maria is a family coach, international speaker, TV personality and author of the bestselling book ‘You Shut Up!’. Russian-born, Eva-Maria currently lives in New Zealand, working with various groups, corporate, and families, and is on a full-on mission to help improve 1,000,000 adult-teenager relationships around the world!