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CLOSED. Starting Out or Starting Over: A Single Woman’s Guide to Money in NZ

Starting Out or Starting Over Front Cover HR

Starting Out or Starting Over Front Cover HRSociety seems to have a running joke about women and money. In reality, though, there’s no evidence that women spend more money than men, although they are paid less on average and often fare worse financially in marriage break ups.

Many women are staying single for longer or face a new independent financial future after a marriage breakup so there is a huge demand for solid financial guidance tailored to their needs and challenges.

This is why personal finance journalist Susan Edmunds wrote this book.

“Lots of women are scared of money or think it’s something they’re just never going to be any good at, so they don’t bother to try.  I wanted to show them that it’s actually not difficult to get the hang of, and little changes can make a huge difference,” says Susan.

Starting Out or Starting Over offers comprehensive practical advice on managing finances, investment savings, budgets and mortgages with case studies, exercises, worksheets and quizzes tailored specifically for women who are starting out on their careers or who are faced with managing their finances after a relationship break up.

The purpose of the book is to help women make the most of what they earn and plan a long-term financial strategy for a secure, independent financial future with advice on budgeting, goal setting, credit card use, and investing.

Whether you’re a young woman leaving school and getting a job for the first time, wanting to start out on the right track, someone who’s realised that you should be a bit more sorted than you are by now, suddenly-single or approaching retirement as a single woman, Starting Out or Starting Over will help you understand that there’s no special secret, or type of person who is good with money.


Susan Edmunds is a senior business journalist who specialises in personal finance. She is driven by a desire to boost peoples’ financial literacy and to make as many people as possible – particularly women – realise that it’s not as hard or intimidating as some people might wish it to appear.

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