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Don’t raise pension age, says GrownUps® survey

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Do you think the pension age should be lifted from 65? This was one of the questions asked its visitors in a recent survey to determine whether they thought the age of retirement should be raised.

Of the 910 people surveyed, 77.1% felt that the pension age should not be lifted from 65 and 83.9% believed it should not be raised in the future. Managing Director, Richard Poole, says this result is not surprising given that the majority of New Zealanders look forward to their retirement and want to be of an age where they can still play an active role in the community and in their personal lives.

“Many feel that at 65 it is time to start moving on to the next stage in their lives and these results are an indication of that.  People don’t want the goalposts moved in terms of being eligible to receive Superannuation and KiwiSaver funds.”

“The results from this survey have given us a much better understanding of how our audience feels about these important issues,” he says.

Of those surveyed, 59.7% said that if Prime Minister John Key increased the pension age, they would not vote for him again in the next general election.

Other interesting results to come from this survey were that 74% of people surveyed believed that the pension should not be means tested and 78.6% said they would prefer not to receive their pension in one lump sum.

Download the Press Release PDF here.