STOP. NEW. Funds Investors’ Free Trial of Performance Ranking


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Dear Consumer Investor,

This is for you if you own a portfolio of a range of managed funds. There is a complete lack of information available to you about your comparative performance; no benchmark, no performance ranking; such as is available for other investments and products.

The question is, every quarter, how do you know how well or poorly your portfolio performance compares with other providers? Could you do better? Who else can you trust?

The government [an RBNZ Bulletin report] has said there should be ‘league tables’ but the government cannot do it. The industry cannot do it. So, it is up to consumer investors.

We are seeking 50 or so volunteer portfolio owners to trial and critique our proposed new service. This will include our information gathering, our process and our performance results. Those who participate will obtain their results in a performance ranking for free. We expect to charge others for membership soon after the trial. We expect the performance ranking reports to provide valuable information about your most valuable asset. We do not need information about all your financial assets and we will not know the extent of your other assets. Confidentiality is assured. More information will be supplied to those who volunteer.

manThis proposed new service was founded by a former investment adviser, and an experienced investment IT professional; and is supported by a chartered accountant who will act on your behalf to load performance data. A number of industry providers support the performance ranking concept including, as proof of the need, one chartered accountant who already provides this service for clients.

We think it is unfair that you do not have any reliable comparative performance information which is available for most products and services. After feedback and improvements, consumer investors will be able to join together for their own mutual benefit. We propose that a new consumer investor organization will be a sponsored part of the new service.

Please volunteer to help with a trial and provide feedback. The onus is on us. You have no obligations.

Click here to enter your details which will be forwarded to the director of the proposed new service. You will be contacted with further information to establish your requirements and what you can expect from the proposed new performance ranking service.