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Vehicle Insurance Claim Tips

11257 car insure
11257 car insure

car insureHere are our tips on how to ensure your vehicles are adequately covered and what to do in the event of an accident or theft to make your claim as trouble-free as possible.

General rules

• Keep your broker fully informed with any information that may affect a claim

• Be scrupulously honest when arranging insurance cover and making claims

• Keep well maintained records of your property with receipts for ownership and improvements

When insuring

• Make sure your car is insured for its market value because that is the most an insurer will pay in the event of a total loss claim.

• Tell your insurer about modifications, such as a sports kit or mag wheels, because they won’t be covered unless you have notified your broker.

• Ensure that drivers on restricted licences or under the age of 25 are covered by the policy before they drive the vehicle.



a. Stop and help anyone who is injured. Call an ambulance if necessary and inform Police.

b. If an animal has been injured and you can’t find the owners, tell the SPCA or Police.


a. Give your name and address to the owners of damaged cars or property.

b. If other vehicles are involved, note the driver’s and/or owner’s names, their address/es and vehicle registration number/s. It is helpful if you can also get contact phone numbers and insurers for the drivers of other vehicles.

c. The names and contact details for any property damaged and, if possible, their insurers.

d. Note the date, time and place of the accident and be ready to report what happened including any contributing factors such as poor weather or road conditions.

e. If possible, note names and contact details for any witnesses.


If the accident involves damage to property or injury, do not admit liability. Just say you will speak with your broker.

Vehicle recovery

If your vehicle can not be safely or legally driven after an accident your broker can give you the name of a preferred local towing company and location of the nearest authorised repair garage or insurance assessment office. Once the claim has been accepted, the towing costs can be included as part of the claim. A receipt must be provided.


If you have comprehensive motor vehicle cover, your broker can give you contact details for approved repairers under your policy for a broken car window or windscreen. You will need to provide them with your insurer details and policy number if possible. You can usually claim on this with no effect on your policy.


• Locking: Do not leave your vehicle unlocked as insurers can refuse your claim if your vehicle was not locked. Some insurers offer reduced premiums for car alarms as they substantially reduce vehicle theft.

• Police: Inform police of the theft giving the last known location of your vehicle at a given time and date. Record this information to give to your broker.

Courtesy Rothbury Insurance Group and Age Concern Otago