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Articles covering Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Savings, Investment, Superannuation, Life after work. Wills, asset protection and Trusts.

Lawn is a Lost Opportunity

We believe frugality is something most people want to do but don't because they don't know how. The best place to start is with your very own back yard.

Milking Matters

The problem, some say, is that consumers are paying too much for their milk. We agree. Most consumers are paying far too much for their milk because they don't know how to shop right.

Pricey Food and Priceless Tips

Each month the people at Statistics New Zealand walk the isles of our supermarkets with clip boards and sharpened pencils to see how the prices of what we are putting into our supermarket trolleys have changed.

Winter Warmth

While the country was coated in ice like a wedding cake we got thinking about ways to keep warm in winter - without having to go on holiday to a tropical island! Some people say there's nothing like a good hot cup of tea to make them feel warm.

Handy Bathroom Savings

This week we are ducking into the little room for some quiet time to reflect upon the savings that can be made in the bathroom.

Law Making with the Fairy Godmother

If the legal Fairy Godmother ever shoulder-tapped me and gave me the option of passing any law I liked then the choice would be simple. I would pass a law making it illegal for the New Zealand parliament to pass any more laws on any topic - ever.

Fixed Price Power and Happily Married

Oily ragger John from Warkworth has asked an interesting question. "I recently received an offer from Mercury Energy to 'lock in' my power price for the next three years but at a price that is about 9 percent more than I pay now. Should I do that?"

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