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Maat Commercial Property Investment: The Maat Way

The Maat Group continues to seek appropriate commercial property investment opportunities for purchase by prospective investors. Investments in quality properties with quality tenants are sought, with the ultimate outcome of maximising the returns for investors. The value of the properties offered for investment are normally from $40m and above, plus issue costs, with debt funding of no more than 47.5%. The balance is raised from investor’s equity in a company formed to own the property. The investor shareholders have the right to appoint and remove directors and the manager’s position is not entrenched. Cash returns are paid monthly.

New investors will often have queries as to key aspects of the investment process, including:

  • What is Commercial Property Equity Investment?
  • How do I become an Investor?
  • Is my investment taxed prior to paying me a return?
  • What fees will I pay?

These questions along with others are answered on our website at however investors are encouraged to talk with us over the phone or by email for further clarification if necessary.

Maat is now considering the offer of shares in a company which will be formed to invest in the purchase of the land and the building development for a retail ‘super-store’ based in West Auckland. This 27,000m2 store will be modelled on the IKEA international household goods stores. In our normal way when identifying prospective investments, we seek expressions of interest from prospective investors before making a commitment to prepare the Product Disclosure Statement for the final offer. To date there has been strong interest from our current investor database as a result of which the PDS is expected to be available for distribution during the week commencing 26 November 2018. The close off date for applications and investment funds will be 19 December 2018.

This construction period for this development is scheduled to be no more than 12 months and the store is expected to be trading from no later than 1 December 2019. The projected cash returns for investors will be 8.5% pa (pre-tax), paid monthly, and the investment will be registered as a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) thereby limiting the tax liability.
Maat Group is holding seminars around the country over a two-week period from November 12 2018 to November 23 2018. To register your attendance please visit our website at for a seminar in a location near you.

Maat carries the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance. We are committed to continuing these principles within our business by offering investors control of their investment.

To enquire about our commercial property investment opportunities, you are most welcome to contact either Jodi Tuffin at the Maat office on 09 414 6078 or mobile 021 084 42523 (email or myself either at the office or on the contact details below.

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*projected pre-tax cash return, paid monthly. An indication of interest will not involve an obligation or a commitment to acquire shares.  No money is currently being sought.  Shares cannot currently be applied for or acquired.  If the offer is made it will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.