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Music plays such an enormous role in your life, so why not your funeral? Rather than let your loved ones stress over what songs to play at your life celebration, why not start the conversation now and help plan your perfect send off?

To encourage our members to start planning their life celebrations now, we’re running a poll to see what songs Kiwis want to go out to. There are two $50 prezzy cards to snap up, so get involved here and either let us know your favourites, or vote on it.

Looking for a little inspiration? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular funeral songs from across the globe. From sad to celebratory, these will definitely get you thinking about what you’d like at your big send off.

109555-frank_sinatra_617_409_zpsiop6dkodAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life

The Brits are known for their wry sense of humour, so we weren’t too surprised to hear that one of the most popular funeral songs in the UK is ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.’ You may recognise it from a certain cult classic, with Brian belting out the tune as he’s strung up on the crucifix.

My Way

Turns out, Brits also love to be sent off with a little gusto. Before Monty Python took over the charts, the country’s preferred choice of funeral music was Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way.’

The Lord is My Shephard

Taken from Psalm 23, ‘The Lord is My Shephard’ is a universal funeral song that brings mourners comfort in a time of immense grief. It’s an incredibly powerful song, with meaningful lyrics and a soaring crescendo.

Time of Your Life 

Down Under, a recent survey from Aussie organisation Include a Charity has revealed that Green Day’s ‘Time of Your Life’ is the nation’s most popular funeral ballad. You may have heard it before, as it’s also a popular graduation ceremony song!

008_thumb3Chinese traditions

It’s always fascinating to observe other cultures, and China’s funeral traditions don’t disappoint. Apparently, after the funeral ceremony has taken place a hired marching band leads the procession, playing loud music along the way to frighten off spirits and ghosts. 


Who could forget 1988, when Dave Dobbyn and his glorious mullet released the hit single, ‘Loyal?’ Now a cult song for the nation, it captures the New Zealand psyche and could potentially emerge as a new favourite funeral tune for baby boomers.

A fierce funeral

We’ve seen Maori weddings go viral, with both the bride and groom pulling off fierce renditions of the haka. So, could we see this emerge as a funeral trend? Seriously powerful, this video from the NZ Defence Force offers bigtime inspiration.

What’s on your funeral playlist? Cast your vote here.

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