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How Confident Are You in Your Insurance Cover?

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Is a summer check-up due?

I don’t know about you but the experience of many of the people in Christchurch has left me wondering exactly what my insurances covers and feeling in need of a comprehensive Insurances Warrant of Fitness.

As a business owner, I have a host of different policies on top of home, contents and car, then there’s the life cover to protect the family in case something happens to me. Some of them have been in place for years. Others are relatively new. Friends have told me of new business and cancer cover you can get now and so I’ve decided to have a good comb-through of everything to ensure I am actually covered for what I think I am.

In recent years, new insurances have been introduced to better cover an ageing population. And according to several insurance brokers GrownUps has spoken to a lot of people don’t realise that better, more comprehensive and sometimes cheaper cover is available than what they may have taken out umpteen years ago, nor what they are entitled to claim for under their insurance policies. For this reason, an annual check-up with your insurance broker can be a really good idea.

One of the new insurances that has come on to the market is Cancer Cover. This reflects the fact that although the number of people diagnosed with cancer is up, the number of people dying from it is down.

It is always worth setting time aside to re-evaluate life and maybe the coming summer months are a time to reflect and research.

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