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Talk About Dirty Politics grrrrr

Discussions Politics Today Talk About Dirty Politics grrrrr

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    Profile photo of doogie
    Member since: March 27, 2006
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    I have never read so much rubbish before. What ever rings your bells will help fill your days in.

    Profile photo of lilith7
    Member since: April 9, 2017
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    I have never read so much rubbish before. What ever rings your bells will help fill your days in.



    It seems we agree on something,Doogie – perhaps we might need a cuppa & a wee lie down,to get over the shock? 😀  😎

    Profile photo of drlivingstone
    Member since: October 22, 2006
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    Doogie,  I agree.

    Doogie Missed you. Best wishes for you and Mrs Doogies  future from Desi & I  Know all about moving &unpacking..Just caught up on Photography.Cheers 😀

    Peoples Republic Of Christchurch

    Profile photo of sir-nigel-gresley
    Member since: January 10, 2017
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    ‘There are none so blind as those that cannot see.’ There is also photographic evidence of a ship being seen fracking on the Rarangi (Marlborough) coast line just before the Kaikoura earthquakes, disappearing when the earthquakes occurred.

    Happy Valley

    Profile photo of doogie
    Member since: March 27, 2006
    Topics: 10
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    Produce the evidence sir-nigel

    Dreams are only held in the minds of the dreamers and can’t be produced as evidence perhaps.

    Profile photo of doogie
    Member since: March 27, 2006
    Topics: 10
    Replies: 5963

    Dr L

    Has your pen run out of ink? I don’t see any regularity of scribes lately

    Profile photo of supergold
    Member since: May 9, 2009
    Topics: 60
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    To the scoffers of this article …..

    Stephen Hawking kept an open mind and was curious about everything and look what he achieved despite the difficulties life threw at him, he refused to give in.


    Open your mind and look hard at everything;  even the things that seem incredible, impossible or absolutely unbelievable may awaken something deep inside you and show you the truth.

    We all see things differently but we should respect another person’s opinion, just as they should respect yours.

    Supergold-Wainuiomata (Wellington)

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    Profile photo of Bryan
    Member since: October 28, 2006
    Topics: 15
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    I have “heard” (and have no proof) that some areas in the USA have reported an increase of earthquakes and have banned fracking as a consequence.

    I’m happy to be corrected.

    At Home, At Peace and Causing Trouble In South Taranaki

    Profile photo of halcyon
    Member since: May 4, 2014
    Topics: 8
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    While much of the report is questionable there are some interesting facts that can not be ignored, like:

    “Both the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 had major military training exercises in operation in the immediate vicinity, with that training being specifically for emergency response to a major disaster such as an earthquake.

    The HMS Canterbury was conveniently parked at Lyttleton Harbour with emergency food supplies ready. This is remarkably similar to the situation in Haiti 2010.  

    Why did a number of delegates from US Congress who were at that forum suddenly cut and run for the airport at 10.00am, two hours before the earthquake struck, and relocate to Prime Minister John Key’s offices in Wellington?”

    And why did “John Key in a press conference accidentally call the Christchurch earthquake a man-made disaster?” That statement was clearly obvious on the recording of his speech.

    While I do not accept all the statements made, I think there are some issues than can not be attributed to coincidence alone. These issues need consideration and further investigation.


    Profile photo of arandar
    Member since: November 23, 2009
    Topics: 59
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    Do you understand what is being alleged here?

    That our Key-led, National government colluded with foreign powers to murder (yes, deliberately, knowingly, set out to kill, maim, injure and financially ruin) hundreds and thousands of its own citizens, including the families, friends, colleagues and properties of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers of our government.

    For once, I agree with Doogie.

    Either put up the evidence; that recording of Key’s speech where he calls an earthquake a ‘man-made disaster,’ film of the Canterbury in Chch and her cargo manifest, with timelines, and the day’s agenda and flight schedules of the US Congressmen and women decamping to Wellington, or I’m calling ‘CONspiracy’ on you all.

    I’d more easily believe Trump isn’t in thrall to Putin, that Neo-liberalism will make us all better off, any day now, and the US shouldn’t try to control who owns what kinds of firearms.



Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 51 total)

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