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Store loyalty Cards

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    I had a Loyalty Type card for a supermarket. When you purchased goods and swiped the card. Usually a discount was applied to the total purchase amount and when you reached a certain amount over a period you would get a voucher. Lately I have noticed it is getting harder to get a discount using the card. Recently I bought goods to the value of $260.(some goods advertised sold out?) Savings almost nil.
    Goods that were advertised on the day I went in had apparently sold out. Has anyone noticed this happening

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    Member since: November 2, 2006
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    I have the One card from Countdown which shows on every receipt how much has been saved. I am not going get rich I know but it works better than Flybys for me. By the time I get a three figure number they have expired.

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    I have a flybuy card that is linked to my BNZ American Express card and I buy everything I can on it and have a direct debit every month the day before its due. In this way I collect a lot of points and pay no interest…I had over 1000 points to do my Xmas shopping this year.:P

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    I have a flybuy card which I use everytime getting my petrol at Z. I have managed to get enough points to buy things from them. I also have a countdown card and find I do save when shopping.

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    Member since: November 23, 2009
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    check out what you said had happened with the specials, as advertised on the day you went in, being sold out. As I understand the law (vaguely I confess) a seller has to have in stock a reasonable number of the discounted advertised stock to satisfy any predictable, reasonable number of would-be purchasers.

    I won’t swear to it but I think that’s illegal. You could ring Consumer to check or try asking your local CAB – they’d know I think or could find out.


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    In the past if I go into a store where "specials" are advertised and have sold out, I have a robust discussion with them and have been given a raincheck.

    I do remember one time when the children were small and I had a birthday party to cater for. I went into a supermarket with a long list with the specials marked. When I got to nearly the end of the list there had been 5 specials unavailable. One of them was potatoes which were very pricey at the time and had been advertised on a really good special. I asked to see the manager who told me they wouldnt be getting anymore in (It was only second day of specials) I just pushed the trolley load of groceries over to him and told him to put them back on the shelf and I would shop elsewhere.

    I must add my mother who was with me, was horrified.

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    My groceries got a lot cheaper when I changed from one supermarket( where I had a card) to another (where I don’t).

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    Excuse me,for interrupting your topic. I am trying to reconnect to Friends in the Waikato as I have lost contact, in the last week or so. (I have just realized this)

    I have look over this site but can’t find it.

    Can somebody PLEASE send me in the right direction.

    Thank you in advance.

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