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Discussions Politics Politics?

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    Profile photo of perfumezodiacperfumezodiac
    Member since: October 12, 2017
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    Is discussion about politics allowed here again or not? I originally came to this forum to discuss politics because another forum was so toxic so I understand if not but I’m disappointed was hoping for new politics forum.

    Profile photo of jensjens
    Member since: May 3, 2006
    Topics: 22
    Replies: 7309

    perfumezody – if it is a non-toxic  “new policies”  politics  discussion forum you desire, then  fire  ahead with what  you would  like to  be discussed  for  clarification in an impartial, rational  and  non-abusive way.

    If you are not  sure with  what  novelty to start,  may I humbly suggest that the “Ownership Society” qualifies as a “new  policy”  discussion, because  although  the idea  has already been  publicized  by Dr. Skilling    about 16 years ago –   debate on the  pros and  cons of it has been evaded and  ignored to the  extent that it is still  a new  idea not publicly considered nor  taken up by any political party so far.

    Profile photo of halcyonhalcyon
    Member since: May 4, 2014
    Topics: 9
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    Welcome perfumezodiac. There are several threads on this website that discuss political issues. They are normally populated by self-opinionated sods (like this writer) who are willing to argue their own point.  😀     😀     😀

    Profile photo of arandararandar
    Member since: November 23, 2009
    Topics: 60
    Replies: 10498

    Hi perfumezodiac,

    Yep, we’re allowed to debate politics here on the threads and to start new threads if we have a subject we want to discuss.

    Other members will either join you in debate or not, as they choose.

    Welcome aboard the Good Ship Politics today — hope you enjoy the voyage.


    Profile photo of kiwiana59kiwiana59
    Member since: February 16, 2014
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    Well at the time of the situation at hand, that’s what I thought. But I did get to vote this year for the first time since before 1999 when we last voted. Now there is Winston and we are still waiting or not?? Haven’t seen the news for a few days now.

    Profile photo of montrosemanmontroseman
    Member since: August 31, 2017
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    See today that this Kim Jon Um that North Korean Monkey is now threatening Australia.

    This Idiot is getting too close for my liking

    Wonder how long before the Liberal Leftie PC demonstrators will be on the streets outside North Korean embassies demonstrating against this tyrant

    No doubt as he is not white they will be respecting his outbursts as being from a cultural minority and therefore legitimate expressions

    Hit this Monkey hard Mr Trump is what i say.

    Profile photo of dr-whodr-who
    Member since: April 12, 2017
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    Do you ever have anything intelligent to say?

    Profile photo of huiatahihuiatahi
    Member since: March 22, 2017
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    Replies: 681

    Only when he’s swinging through the trees meeting his monkey mates Dr who


    Profile photo of dr-whodr-who
    Member since: April 12, 2017
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    Haha  Well said  😀

    Profile photo of drlivingstonedrlivingstone
    Member since: October 22, 2006
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    Didn,t we learn anything from USA involvement in Vietnam?The Vietnam War is not History for victims of Agent Orange.58,000 Americans and 2-3 million Vietnamese died.Untold numbers were wounded Many US Veterans of the war suffer from PTSD. More US Veterans  have committed suicide than died in the war.But that does not tell the true story of The Vietnam War does it?

    Peoples Republic Of Christchurch

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 50 total)

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