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our say on what’s happening today

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Discussions News & Current Affairs (excluding Politics) our say on what’s happening today

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    Profile photo of BryanBryan
    Member since: October 28, 2006
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    If admin chooses to think your remarks offensive then I suggest they read back 10 + years before condemning you

    If they were to do that they would see that he & I had a series of posts and he told me he had been a close advisor of “Sir Robert” and a falling out over this very idea of his pet idea and it was where they had a parting of the ways.

    That’s how I remember it anyway but it was a long time back so I hope my memory serves me right! 😎 😎

    At Home, At Peace and Causing Trouble In South Taranaki

    Profile photo of lilith7lilith7
    Member since: April 9, 2017
    Topics: 2
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    Cheers,glad you enjoyed the youtube clip; I loved it too – it really sums we humans up well. We’re all convinced that our views are the ‘right’ ones & find it sometimes hard to understand the views of others.

    Gabyone,since the CHCH terrorist attack,there’s been a rise in hate speech on some forums here & that’s increased markedly since the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. Most of us are mature enough to understand very well such hatred can lead, while younger generations might not, so I hope something can be done which isn’t too restrictive & still allows free speech – just not  hate speech.

    Profile photo of Hero42Hero42
    Member since: July 18, 2008
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    Love the video.

    So true.

    Cheers 🙂

    Profile photo of huiatahihuiatahi
    Member since: March 22, 2017
    Topics: 1
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    Now heres good news for a change….the three in a helicopter who were responding to a medical emergency near Auckland Islands and ditched in the sea,have been found alive and well


    Profile photo of gabyonegabyone
    Member since: November 13, 2008
    Topics: 1
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    Great news Huiatahi.

    I also hope the balance between free speech & hate speech does not get blurred Lilith7.

    Gabyone Auckland region

    Profile photo of arandararandar
    Member since: November 23, 2009
    Topics: 61
    Replies: 10672

    Free speech v Hate speech.

    I used to think there could be little confusion about the differences between them.

    My years here have disabused me of that though I remain sceptical about whether some of those posters claiming it was their right to say what they thought and to express their thoughts freely were genuinely confused or deliberately provocative – ie trolling and flaming – and much of what they said was hateful and degrading of whole groups of people.

    The primary point of the right to freedom of expression is to be able to criticise your government without the enormous power of government being brought to bear to silence you.

    There are many laws about what you can say and how and where you can say it; libel, copyright, endangerment, incitement; hate speech is not the only one to have legal consequences.

    I truly hope social media is hauled into line and made to moderate what is posted on their pages – some of what I’ve seen of late is simply appalling. I don’t know why some people are so full to overflowing with hate and anger and why so many get pleasure from hurting and upsetting others. Even the comments on Stuff and the Herald pages are shocking.

    Lilith is correct; the hate on social media has ramped up noticeably since the Christchurch terrorist attack.


    Profile photo of don021don021
    Member since: May 15, 2012
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    This morning when in town an ambulance went screaming by, followed by police cars, then a fire engine fully manned. Obvioudly am emergency somewhere, just hope not a fatal car crash. On the news I see a car was upside down between Taupo and Rotorua, nobody seriously hurt. Nice to know some motorists fasten their sest belts, the people in this vehicle must have, otherwise there would have been casualties. My standard routine; get in the car, settle into position, click my seat belt on, start the car and move off. Many times I have seen drivers under way down the street, fiddling with their seat belt. Dangerous.

    Profile photo of jensjens
    Member since: May 3, 2006
    Topics: 22
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    Ahmmm  Bryan  –

    I don’t think I  have said  having been an “advisor” to Sir Robert, but having been standing for National  in Grey Lynn  in 1969 and  1972 with the  permission to advocate  “peoples capitalism” through universal  Super Fund savings  to  Personal Accounts as my special cause –

    (and  achieving  a bigger  vote  for  National in one of  only  2  electorates  where National  achieved a bigger vote than  in the  previous election of 1969, in  this  disastrous defeat for National in 1972).

    Anyhow – to my delight, Norman Kirk actually initiated  Super Savings  on Personal Accounts, and in 1975, when  I did not want to stand  against Norman Kirk’s initiative, and the candidate selected  for Grey Lynn either voluntarily  or not  – resigned  for whatever reason –   Sir Robert  invited and persuaded me  to stand again with the assurance, that the  rate of  Super  from age 60 offered  by National  has been  worked out by professional  economists to be sustainable.

    Well – if so  –  great  indeed !!!  Some “flat earthers” among us  still think it  is !!!

    Sorry Bryan and  you good  ladies.  If you  want to shut me  up, just prove that  all  you  need,want or desire on the material level –  can be  achieved   without  anyone  having to  save and invest for it .

    You would win  the Noble  Prize, because  would  that not  eliminate poverty overnight ?

    And I  would  humbly  apologize  for  having been an annoying and  misleading  spoil-sport  !!

    Profile photo of huiatahihuiatahi
    Member since: March 22, 2017
    Topics: 1
    Replies: 909

    I think Jens you’re preaching  to the wrong people….I think most of us were brought up to save.  We didn’t buy things until we could afford it.  I think the credit card has a lot to answer for….didn’t have those in my young days many moons ago.


    • This reply was modified 1 month ago by Profile photo of huiatahi huiatahi.
    Profile photo of jensjens
    Member since: May 3, 2006
    Topics: 22
    Replies: 7616

    But huiatahi –

    let us now not  blame all the  tempting vices liberally  accessible in our  human rights and freedoms dominated relative “paradise” –

    but precisely those of us  who  had the  fortune of  being  brought  up in the  way  you describe are the  best hope  for  being  motivated  and willing  to see our descendants also happy, successful   and with confidence in the  future through the   modesty and thrift  which served  us (and society)   so well.

    The fact that  many contemporaries may be estranged from these  virtues need not  frustrate us, because governments have the  power  to get  even the unwilling  to participate effectively to achieve  the  desirable results.

    While this is not  supposed  to be a politics  thread,  lively  debate  on  the pros and  cons  of   a systematic individual and general prosperity  building  thrift  rate  will be very  helpful for  politicians’ minds, and  if we  achieve  substantial agreement on all the pros and cons, then  the practical policy  proposals  can be  discussed and debated on the political threads.

    Cheers, huiatahi !!!

Viewing 10 posts - 29,151 through 29,160 (of 29,355 total)

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