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our say on what’s happening today

Discussions News & Current Affairs (excluding Politics) our say on what’s happening today

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    Profile photo of kai
    Member since: January 4, 2008
    Topics: 220
    Replies: 8937

    Aww thanks for that SNG .Love it!!!

    Often think back to when they were all here and so much of the good times over the years , even tho its often been few and far between with us here ..

    Cheers From Kai

    Profile photo of Squirter
    Member since: March 18, 2007
    Topics: 660
    Replies: 13052

    CCcccrikey Young AGGIE’s talkin’ to me again….loves sweet, just so she doesn’t forget this trim, taut, terrific, cool, colourful man again.
    Dorothy Moore and ‘Misty Blue’

    Cheers, beers, and wine for the sheilas. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Profile photo of huiatahi
    Member since: March 22, 2017
    Topics: 1
    Replies: 389

    And Ive been in contact with Bryan….his wife has had a bad fall and hes been chief cook and bottle washer.  Shes likely to be out of action for 5 weeks


    Profile photo of kai
    Member since: January 4, 2008
    Topics: 220
    Replies: 8937

    Aw Huiatahi, Thanks so much for that news .. You are a real Gem.

    There are few on gups I had pm a couple of months back through friends thread, and now I have a new comp the old hardrive has all their addys and unable to retrieve,,so hope to reconnect in next few weeks with them..


    Sorry to hear about Mrs Bryan and do hope all goes well for the carer, and the cared for slow and steady sounds like it is for them…

    Lovely the love and support they give one another.


    This is for Mrs Bryan

    Image result for lovely flowers


    Cheers From Kai

    Profile photo of Aggie
    Member since: July 30, 2006
    Topics: 0
    Replies: 4906

    I will never forget you Squirter, especially after being serenaded with such touching words 🙂 🙂

    I do hope Mrs Bryan gets well soon and Bryan accepts any help offered, we need all we can get sometimes as the carer needs caring for also. Big cheer germs to both.

    Profile photo of kiwichick
    Member since: May 9, 2008
    Topics: 7
    Replies: 3811

    Hi Kai

    I still don’t come on here much but always great to read your posts

    Take care

    Profile photo of kai
    Member since: January 4, 2008
    Topics: 220
    Replies: 8937

    Thanks Kiwichick Miss your positive posts on here . Good to know you are still about tho.

    Hi to Aggie lovely to see you back ,,,Saw sqs post lol  and 4 got to say hi to you

    So True about the carers they need help often as much as the cared for and nice when others offer help . so do hope Bryan you will take any help offered like Aggie posted

    Hope all of you and your ones are keeping good Aggie and no doubt looking forward to the springtime .when the weather picks up there at home …


    Cheers From Kai

    Profile photo of joybel
    Member since: November 2, 2006
    Topics: 613
    Replies: 33169

    Golly gumdrops as my kids used to say! A very scary weather forecaste on Stuff arriving by the weekend. Time to make our abodes as safe as we can and stock up on needs. Overflowing gutters is a possibility her as Mine have not been cleaned for a few years. Fingers crossed might not be enough, but then it might never happen, eh?

    Profile photo of arandar
    Member since: November 23, 2009
    Topics: 54
    Replies: 10165

    “Supposing a tree fell, Pooh, and we were under it. What would happen then?” asked Piglet.

    After considerable thought, Pooh said, “Supposing it didn’t.”  And Piglet was comforted.


    With apologies to Pooh and Piglet if I’ve misremembered their wise words.


    Profile photo of don021
    Member since: May 15, 2012
    Topics: 0
    Replies: 1389

    There is only one way to tell the weather, look out the window. My laundry is still in the basket as the forecast was for showers on Monday, yet not a drop of rain fell. A bit of drizzle today but great musical entertainment at Age Concern this morning brighteneed the day.

Viewing 10 posts - 27,011 through 27,020 (of 27,414 total)

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