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Making Christmas Day special for one

Discussions Advice Making Christmas Day special for one

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    Hi there

    I need advice to make my Christmas Day special for myself (and one cat).  I have a phobia about big crowds so going anywhere for Christmas lunch or dinner is out.  I am only a Invalid beneficiary so money is tight.  My family has made me a black sheep of the family because of something I will not mention that has happened to me in the past.  So family is out and all I have is myself and my cat Melissasue.  I live in Palmerston North.

    I know celebrating Christmas is suppose to be a happy time but it is not for me.  My mother is deceased and my father is in a home with dementia and has no idea who anyone is.  So it looks like I am on my own (again) but this time I have run out of ideas completely to make it special for me and my pussycat.  Is there something I can cook for myself? What can I do to make my cat’s day special?

    Is it silly to give a present to myself from myself?

    Appreciate any answers.


    Dawn Pettersen
    Palmerston North Manawatu NZ 4412

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    I felt so sad for you and how you must feel. If I lived closer I would offer to visit you because I think seeing another caring human being on that day would make it special. I have a wonderful family and animals and I am so grateful for them. You take care and I hope someone will contact you where you live

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    You could cook a special and grand meal for yourself, and buy something for you, and may be your cat as well.

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    You are probably not alone in being alone at Christmas. Many are in the same position. It is the one day of the year which was once an occasion to celebrate the birth of Jesus but has become something totally different in today’s world of the Western society.

    We all have choices when it comes to Christmas and the frenzy accompanying it can be frightening as money or the lack of it can cause guilt, overspending, anger, disappointment or the joy of the occasion depending on how we choose to celebrate it. Wish your family goodwill anyway.

    So be content with your cat this day and maybe set your tray or table with a sprig of a favourite flower and enjoy your meal. Your cat will be there to snuggle up to and music is always nice or a happy to program cheers. Greet your neighbours if possible. I wish you a happy Christmas and better health for the new year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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