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    How many people have you heard saying ” I have a hearing aid but I don’t use it ” and the excuses are pathetic .Just some that I have heard , It makes me look deaf , the wind whines in it , I’m not deaf just a wee bit hard of hearing and such stupid things.
    I am stone deaf in both ears and have an implanted cochlear and people now talk to me and if I don’t understand them I jolly well soon tell them .
    Some people seem to be ashamed of being deaf but it is just another step in the path of life .
    I have good sight , some are blind. I can walk the streets , some are in wheelchairs or worse , some are handsome like me and some are not ,some like me are modest and some are not .
    Thank you , now you can disagree with that last little bit at your peril .

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    How does that song go ? ?
    ” OOOOOOOh Lord it is hard to be humble,
    When you’re perfect in every way !”
    My signature tune that is, I like me, and if youi don’t, that’s YOUR problem ! ! ! Keep it up Trogan like me, have confidence in yourself

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    You are a gem of the rarest kind Trogan, and should be an advocate for all deaf people in this country. Hearing aids, if you have the money, can be so tiny as to be hardly noticed. Certainly, I have a hairstyle which hides my quite large ones but without them I may as well stay behind closed doors as a hermit. My neighbour has a cochlear implant. A flu virus stole her hearing and she is an elegant proud woman with the implant as visible as it has to be. Hearing people have the onus on them to be aware that speaking to a deaf person does not mean he or she is mentally retarded. No need to shout, just look at the deaf person and speak clearly, keep hands away from your mouth. A deaf person does not need to be shut out as there is an aid to improve the quality of life, so come on, any of you hard of hearers out there, have pity on the family and get wired for sound.

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    What irritates me is the number of people, typically men aged over 50, who insist that their entire family mumbles – my husband does it and so does my boss. Boss, having spent the past 15 years managing various disability organisations, eventually agreed to have his hearing tested and now wears a hearing aid. Husband though, is a tougher nut to crack. Perhaps it’s just as well – I’d hate for him to hear some of the things I mumble when he’s just lifted the lids on all the pots on the stove.

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    well grannyracer i have just that problem,what is it about some men who just will not go get hearing aid.i am the opposite to hubby and hear extremly well.he knows his hearing is bad.
    the tv and radio is up louder etc,i just have to go turn it down.
    but have to give and take on this one ,i feel i am hearing for him.

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    had an old friend in her 80’s and she had hearing aids but they eventually god a loud ringing in them. I could hear it myself. She had one fixed to the tune of 350.00, but not the other. So the consequence was that she would not wear them even when she rang people up and couldnt hear a word of what they said. She would tell you to speak louder and you were already speaking as loud as you could.
    Her daughter told her in the end that she didn’t like talking to her because of it. When i was told of this I said it made it impossible to converse with her and she took a little bit of note. (she sounds like a difficult person, and she was in many ways, but she had all her marbles)
    Anyway she used to complain about the noise of the tv coming through from the adjoining flat, and she would tell me about the times she spoke to her neighbour about it and would get a very rude response, so I was thinking what an inconsiderate person she might be.
    BUT one day i arrived and parked in her carport and could hear very loud music with the windows up. When I got out the noise was deafening..this is outside with all her windows shut…I managed to get her attention by phoning her from my cell ph, as she couldn’t hear my door knock..well, inside I had to block my ears…I then changed my thinking and thought “HER POOR NEIGHBOUR” !!!

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    I have tinitus, that is ringing in only one ear, but it has its advantages, turn to the left and its a perfect excuse for, sorry love I didn’t hear that, one thing in life that has always puzzled me though and this is the topic of eyesight, the reason I raise this issue is because every time I get into the car the petrol gauge always reads "E", I am informed by one far more knowledgeable than myself that "E" actually stands for enough, or was I listening with the wrong ear 🙂

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    That’s fine so long as you don’t ask what F stands for!! lol

    At Home, At Peace and Causing Trouble In South Taranaki

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    Replies: 6178 people amaze me with your little quirks of humour..I love humour and I laugh a lot at my son in particular who is a humorous guy. Hi Orca and your fish.

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