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HEALTH in Crisis.

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Discussions Politics Today HEALTH in Crisis.

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    Member since: May 6, 2006
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    The whole health sector is in a rundown state.
    There is so many branches crying out for more of most things but there is a lack of trained staff as for many years our strained trained staff have been leaving for overseas positions where they are more appreciated.
    The DHB’s have been recruiting from overseas as quickly as they can afford however there is a tremendous back log and our staff have been underpaid in all areas for sometime.
    All the wishing in the world can;t make the changes necessary in 3 years.
    The important task is to assess the situation and set priorities with measurable goals that we can measure progress on. This seems to be what the Government is doing so I feel satisfied that progress is being made on that.

    TedE - Papakura -

    Profile photo of gabyonegabyone
    Member since: November 13, 2008
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    TedE I agree. The problem did not happen overnight and will require more than 1 term of parliament to rectify. Those who choose to attack the current govt. should look at the previous several Governments. and admit that whoever they voted for failed to rectify the downhill slide. The sad thing is that if a person can afford health Insurance then they get immediate attention without major waiting time. When something major, goes wrong after an operation in private system ,then those patients end up back in the already overcrowded, under funded public system.  Be aware folks with private health Insurance, you will likely end up in the public system for any major health event so…. you should all be supporting an improved public system.

    Gabyone Auckland region

    Profile photo of BryanBryan
    Member since: October 28, 2006
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    Ted you are “SO” right. IMHO this is why the then National Government wanted to Privatise as much of the Health sector as they could. Look at the “Aged Sector” as a start. the staff in our area is un der paid and over-worked with rundown facilities. One of my Daughters is a trained health care worker also trained in Dementia Care as well. She has worked in the one establishment for many years and is inly Just over the minimum wage still!

    She has told me that if ever one of us need to go into care she will resign and go the job herself rather tham have us go to any local outfits.

    At Home, At Peace and Causing Trouble In South Taranaki

Viewing 3 posts - 341 through 343 (of 343 total)

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