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Failure of private property based capitalism ?

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Discussions Politics Failure of private property based capitalism ?

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    Well said Phun well said very true, Democracy is too important to loose by apathy. If the younger ones voted for party like Social Credit that want to pull our economy out  from following a  neo liberal economy to instead a more Keynesian economy then ownership of their own home by our younger Kiwis  has a strong possibility of happening

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    For more sustainable  Social  and Keynesian  credit  to be  available  for  home  ownership potential  by all,  our  young should urge and vote  for a permanent  NZ Super Fund with adequate  annual  contributions to it,  to help  keeping  at least our  current  rate of NZ Super available  from age  65  also  for them – and participate in KiwiSaving if they  have not their own ideas of  more effective  wealth  (home ownership potential)  achievement.

    Paulinem – don’t you agree,  that   more  –  both Social  and Keynesian  credit  availability (it cannot  come out of  “thin air”) –  and repayment for  sustainability  –  just cannot  happen  without a higher  savings rate at the  expense  of  hand-to-mouth  consumption potential ?

Viewing 2 posts - 381 through 382 (of 382 total)

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