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    They say that the smaller wheels are less stable on uneven ground. However, the wife and I both have the Smart Motion folding bike with 16 inch wheels. We have ventured off road and along a walking track without too much problem. And I have balance problems. Nearly headbutted the wardrobe door the other morning, but seem not to have any problem on the bike.

    Our idea of buying folding bikes is that it allows us to take the bikes out of town and ride on different bike trails.

    We would not be without them. So may I encourage you to keep on seeking. The reward of traveling on a bike is well worth it.

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    Pedal assist is great and riding the bike, I only use the first 3 of the 5 settings as otherwise i tend to be going to fast and I limit myself to the speeds I am used to on the mountain bike. I find riding among pedestrians is better using no assist and the lowest gear and then I feel safer and more in control and less of a treat to pedestrians and able to ride to the shop door.

    I reckon riding is great for keeping the twitch muscles active for balance.

    I understand that this “Copenhagen Wheel” is now on the market but it is pretty pricey and I was not prepared to gamble on it prior to it being in production. These are sales pitches for it, but it was such a new idea that I was cautious but it does enable you to use your existing bike and does use inertia to recharge which none of the existing systems in NZ seem to do. I think the regenerative aspect of the Copenhagen wheel is a great step forward.


    I attended the Active Physio/Medicine course sponsored by the ACC for Arthritis affected people and found that the balance exercises were good but very hard on the ankle joints and crippled me within a few minutes. Standing on one leg wasn’t the problem so much as the raising onto the toes. I have ridden to work most of my working life and also transported the children to their sports on them till they were able to ride their own bikes so maybe I’m fortunate to have kept it up.

    TedE - Papakura -

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    😮  Wow! I have recently bought an eBike and love it. This invention seems revolutionary.

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    oThoughts on buying second hand electric bikes!
    I bought a new bike after my first year at work in Wanganui in 1952 and rode that until about 2003. Carried tools and 2 children on it at times, which tended to blow out tyres as they grew older (tyres and kids). When I couldn’t cope with the set gearing on my old roadster kept bidding on trademe for bikes at the $35 limit until i got the right sort of mountain bike which i rode for about 12 years. Bought a second one for $12 for spare parts after I was knocked off by a car and the bike damaged quite badly.

    So couple of years ago decided if I’m to keep riding need the pedal assist provied by an electric bike. Started looking on trade me cos I wanted to get onto it by the tie i was 80. Many of the bikes were overpriced by the Aus standards where there are good bikes are available at about the A$500 mark. For that money on Trade I could only find older spec’d bikes that had short battery performance and battery replacements are quite expensive (quotes of $800 for 10Wh avg sort of battery).

    I’d try out the bikes giving them a ride of about 1/2 to 3/4 of hour to simulate my normal shopping expedition and most of the batteries wouldn’t last long enough to be worthwhile. (I think that most of the people have not used them for sometime and the lack of charge over a long period has compromised the battery life, (That’s just an opinion not scientific fact, while the bikes themselves seem to be in great nick).

    Anyway in the end I opted for new bike and while I’ve had problems in the first year they have all been sorted so far by the seller.

    All the best with your riding experience if you go for an electric bike.
    I try to keep smiling as there are some road users who are not as understanding of a doddery old joker on a bike, so smile and wave is the way to go.

    TedE - Papakura -

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    Under your helmet could not a doddery old joker be incognito, TedE. The way traffic builds ups when the mums head off to pick the kids up from school is scary for pedestrian, as one at times just has take a chance. I was concerned to see a gentleman crossing with the lights while using his white stick at a very busy light controlled corner. He was so slow and cars patiently waited for him to get to the other side. I managed to cross from the opposite lights and asked him if he needed someone to walk with him? He still had to walk down to the next lights at the Mall to get across to the other side. I was impressed. I doubt I would have the courage.

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