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Democracy evolution – The Next Bold Step

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Discussions Politics Democracy evolution – The Next Bold Step

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    Citizens living in democracies worldwide have frequently been sidelined as politicians stonewalled unpopular decisions and passed popular laws. When scrutinised in hindsight the results are often seen to have negatively impacted today’s societies. Lobbyists play a part by securing near term benefits for themselves with scant regards for future consequences. Because election cycles are a major cause of this problem today’s political discussions should be directed towards assuring the future well-being of all citizens are accounted for, including those yet to be born. Ancient civilisations lived by laws that ensured as far as possible they did not impact on the wellbeing of future generations. Some Native American people planned for seven generations in the future, whilst for Australia’s First People it was for eternity.


    Finland, Wales and Japan have each employed different methods to address the election cycle shortcoming. Japan has been conducting research to ascertain the best design in developing a National Ministry of the Future and Department of Future in Local Governments. Guided by the principle of looking to build a secure and sustainable future for Wales, the Well Being for Future Generations Act was given Royal Assent in April 2015. Finland in 1993 established a Standing Permanent Committee, underpinned by the constitution, consisting of 17 parliamentarians representing all parties. They claim that among their greatest impacts to date is the changing of Finnish politics mindsets towards considering long term future options. The Japanese research supports that claim. Groups of citizens when asked in 2015 to draw-up a vision for the future were asked to stand in the shoes of those who would be active in 2060. Their vision compelled effort is taken to overcome tough issues. Groups without the active in 2060 instruction incorporated existing constraints and challenges into their vision.


    Aotearoa has a proud history of leading political change to ensure all its citizens can participate in deciding what rules will be adopted nationally and in local municipalities. It is time to provide the silent future constituents of New Zealand with a voice so the world they want to live in is accounted for by today’s politicians.

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    Makes sense, maxjohn.

    Since  our  leading welfare politics have not eliminated  poverty  amidst   plenty  but even widened  welfare dependency (i.e. relative  poverty ?) – and yet  there is  no clear  political  vision  on how to rectify  it in a fair  way so far (???)  –

    should we not vigorously discuss the  pros and  cons  of the Third Way  upwards  for all towards at  least a minimally meaningful level of  personal wealth ownership  by all citizens eventually, maxjohn ?   Or why not ?

    And what about  another initial  step in this direction  (beside the NZ Super Fund)  –

    granting the $1000.- KiwiSaver kick-start  to all those who have not received it  yet, unconditionally,  “from cradle to grave”,  which  would  be no new  taxpayer  expense if granted as  an investment  within the  NZ Super Fund out of the money we all have  saved, paid and collectively own already with the NZSF?

    If you agree with  those who for unexplained  reasons do not  want  to know and talk about it, perhaps  you can give at lest  your  own  reasons  for such an attitude, and be  prepared to discuss it ?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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