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Banking mythes with the neo liberal economy

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Discussions Politics Today Banking mythes with the neo liberal economy

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    New Zealand briefly had a government guarantee for retail bank deposits from October 2008 to December 2011. It was introduced at the worst point in the Global Financial Crisis to stop a run of deposits across the Tasman to the banks’ parents in Australia, where the Kevin Rudd Government offered a guarantee for depositors there.

    It was quietly dropped once global markets had settled down and was replaced by a system called ‘Open Bank Resolution’. This means there is no Government guarantee and if a bank was to fail, the Reserve Bank would shut it down and manage a capital restructure overnight so that it could re-open the next day. One way a bank’s capital could be restructured by the Reserve Bank is through a ‘hair-cut’ for depositors. Essentially, the Reserve Bank would slice a certain percentage – say 10% – off the value of term deposits to allow the bank to re-open with enough capital to survive.

    Cheers 🙂

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    Halycon we have NEVER had a social credit economy, Keynesian yes which I admit  is similar to SC . Cracknell was only one member of parliament, how can you say he was responsible for the banking problems !

    I strongly suggest you reread the post I put up yesterday which was written in the NZ Herald by an expert in economic banking management. As he correctly  pointed out Austral an banks like ANZ ASB Westpac etc do not risk their investors savings to lend out they CREATE the money they lend. But these banks then expect the loans to be paid back in real hard earned monies. This is the reason they have been making obscene profits. This is the reason that our housing market has become obscenely over valued. Its the reason our rents are obscenely high as speculators with good capital reserves are the only ones that can afford to buy the overvalued homes. Then the speculators use this to make an economic killing by overcharging the rents of these homes they  then rent out .

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    All credits (Keynesian, “Social”,  bank, and private) become just  donations or  procurement if not  repaid, and even paulinem will have to admit that there are  limits to what  can be donated or  just taken.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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