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RoseRose Jones (CYBILL SHEPHERD), 67, is a mom, and ex-cop. She is also a widow, desperately lonely since her husband died. Rose is a person who has played it “safe” all of her life; never a bold adventurer, or a chance taker. All that changes when, informed that she has a crippling illness, decides to “escape” by taking a solo road trip–in her wheelchair. Her friends (the girls on her bowling team) are horrified, telling Rose that her plan is “scary!” Rose declares: “It’s scarier to stay here!”

Defiant, Rose takes off alone, onto the back roads that wind through the magnificent New Mexico landscape; through small towns and villages, where she stops to rest at health spas. At one spa Rose encounters Lilly (PAM GRIER), 68, a free-spirited, pot-smoking hippie. Lilly reminds Rose of life’s forgotten pleasures and surprises, which Rose has not experienced in years.

Rose then meets Max (JAMES BROLIN), 70, a handsome, charming cowboy/rancher. Max falls for Rose (her beauty– and her curious mode of transportation). He charms her. They fall in love. Through Max, Rose rediscovers the magic of romance. Then Rose’s health takes a sudden, grim turn. She is reunited with her estranged son, Will, who is an angry drug addict. Max insists on being with Rose (“I’m gonna take you home!”). Painfully, she rejects Max, reasoning that she doesn’t want Max to go through what she went through with her
dying husband.

Ultimately, Lilly and the captain of Rose’s bowling team, Karen (CINDY PICKETT), talk Rose into going to see Max (“You’ve gotta get your ass up outta this bed, and go see your man!”) So, against all odds, Rose heads off to see Max one last time.

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