Win! How to Think Like A Fish by Jeremy Wade

win think like a fish by jeremy
win think like a fish by jeremy

thnk like fishThe star of the Animal Planet’s River Monsters and author of the bestselling companion book shares a meditation on fishing–and life.

In his previous book, Jeremy Wade memorably recounted his adventures in pursuit of fish of staggering proportions and terrifying demeanor: goliath tigerfish from the Congo, arapaima from the Amazon, “giant devil catfish” from the Himalayan foothills, and more.

Now, the greatest angling explorer of his generation returns to delight readers with a book of a different sort, the book he was always destined to write — the distillation of a life spent fishing.

As Jeremy’s catches attract increasing attention, many people ask him how they can improve their own fishing results. This book is his reply: part science, part art, and part elusive something else — which is within every angler’s ability to develop. Along the way you will learn when to let instinct override logic, which details are vital and which may be irrelevant, and how a “non result” can be a result.

Thoughtful and funny, brimming with wisdom and, above all, adventure, these are pitch-perfect reflections that anyone who has ever fished will identify with, for ultimately they touch on the simple, fundamental principles that apply to all angling — and to life.

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Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, Mondays from 3 June, 9.30 pm, Animal Planet, SKY Channel 76

The depths of the ocean have long been a mystery unsolved, until now. Angler and biologist Jeremy Wade has spent the last 35 years unearthing the monsters from our dark waters we were never meant to see. The bizarre and the weird are all put under the microscope in Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, as Jeremy investigates and solves the myths and wonders of our planet’s most remote rivers, lakes, and seas. He visits islands lost in time, explores reports of disappearing fish species, and potential genetic mutations which may have resulted in aquatic giants.

In the first episode, Jeremy is in Australia to investigate a terrifying underwater attack by a two-metre beast in a remote outback river. Far from the domain of crocodiles or sharks, Jeremy doesn’t know of anything in the area that matches the description. But as his investigation unfolds, he’s faced with the exciting possibility that a giant predator, he thought extinct, could be fighting its way back.