CLOSED. Win a Bell Tea X Otis Frizzell print

Bell x Otis Frizzell Print

Bell x Otis Frizzell PrintNew Zealand’s iconic Bell Tea is celebrating 120 years of brewing a great tasting cuppa, and to mark the milestone has partnered with Kiwi artist Otis Frizzell to create a limited edition print that blends the heritage story of the brand with a modern spin.

Artist, hip hop performer, radio host, tattooist and graphic designer, Otis has been a fixture on the New Zealand art scene for over a decade, bringing energy, humour and freshness to all of his work.

The print he’s created is emblazoned with the words “Everyone’s Cup of Tea”; a nod to the way Bell Tea has grown to become an absolute staple in Kiwi kitchens. Otis has remixed a classic tattoo illustration style with hand-painted sign writing and artisan screen printing techniques, in a Pop Art style with its slightly off-registered, bright colour scheme.

“I thought a slight tattoo reference was a cool idea, not just because I’m covered in them but because lots of people get tattoos to celebrate significant dates, anniversaries or important milestones, such as Bell’s 120 years,” says Frizzell.

“These days tattoos are no longer reserved to the margins of society; Mums, Dads, All Blacks, pop stars, bankers and school teachers all get them! This print, titled ‘120 Years’, celebrates Bell’s history in Aotearoa but also shows the modern side of this brand. Tea is still a big part of most Kiwis’ daily lives!”

While Bell Tea blends the best of both worlds, by bringing tea leaves from around the world to be blended to Kiwi tastes here in New Zealand; Otis’ print blends the heritage of the brand with an ultra modern design in a fusion of old and new.

There are only 30 copies of this limited edition print, each one numbered and signed by Otis Frizzell.

GrownUps have a limited edition Bell Tea x Otis Frizzell print worth $500 to give away, to celebrate Bell’s 120 year milestone. Fill in the form below for your chance to win.

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