Commemorate you or your loved one’s special day with a unique sunrise canvas

One young couple is offering something a little different to the usual bibs, booties and blankets gifts. Inspired by a friend’s sentimental gift to his sister, Thomas Britton and Caitlin Sankey are on a mission to photograph every sunrise of the calendar year for their new venture Baby’s First Sunrise.

The service has seen them heading to the coast every morning since March to photograph the beginning of each new day.

“Our friend in Australia’s sister had a baby 12 years ago, and every day over her due period, he went out to take a photo of the sunrise,” Britton said. On the day of the birth, the friend printed the morning’s sunrise on canvas and presented it to his sister – a gesture that brought her to tears.

The friend planned to run with the idea and start a business, but never got around to doing it, so Britton and Sankey asked for his blessing to bring it to New Zealand. “We jumped at the opportunity,” Britton said.

With nine months of sunrises now captured, the couple has launched their website, and they plan to keep it updated indefinitely. We’re out rain, hail or shine. Even if there is no [visible] sunrise, we still come down. It keeps it authentic, rather than just coming on the good days,” Britton said. The photographs – which are printed on canvas – were originally planned just for babies but have also been bought to commemorate weddings and deaths.

“It’s a simple thing, but I think everyone can connect to it,” Sankey said.

Britton says the early starts have become an enjoyable routine. “We’re getting a lot out of it and it’s getting us up early. We’re starting our day, not just lazing around,” he said.

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