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straylate2 months ago

hi i have just moved to ruakaka looking for a male companion my name is anne
i like fishing and good chats,non smoker, occasional drink never hurts,good humour and beach walking

den514 months ago

Hi, anyone know of a good car rental company in Woy Woy, Australia, or perhaps a shuttle bus service from Sydney international airport to Woy Woy, NSW

aislingadmin5 months ago

Good afternoon phil038,
Have you thought about starting a discussion thread in our discussion forum to see if any other members are interested in this topic?
I can help you set one up if you are unsure – please email me on [email protected] if you would like help.
Otherwise you could create a free classified listing appealing for people?
Kind regards
Aisling, GrownUps

phil0385 months ago

Hi have just moved to Haruru in the Bay of Islands, trying to find anyone who is interested in growing subtropical fruits.
Cheers Phillip

Annee7 months ago

why is this so hard to use

4maggie8 months ago

Hi – am interested in finding out about canal tours in UK – any info I can get only gives info about hiring just the boat but I would like to have a skipper.
If anyone has had experience with this I would be very interested to hear from you

Nomad9 months ago

Anyone tried Crampeze?

Atticus10 months ago

Need to have our home insulated (Glen Eden, Auckland). Any suggestions on suppliers/ costs from folks who’ve had a happy experience.

seafarer11 months ago

Would very much appreciate any advice or personal recommendations on retirement villages inTauranga,christchurch or other districts.
The brochures all read well with unit prices but do not list weekly fees etc.
A sudden health shock means we have to decide what to do as soon as possible.

gege12 months ago

Recently retired educator now living in Te kuiti wanting to meet new people.
Anyone interested?

potticelli1 year ago

Any groups in Waihi? keen to meet up? Ti Tree cafe is good. I have just moved here and starting to build friendships.

Harmer1 year ago

Ksma 79381 – Maybe the “Find Out More” button goes nowhere
because you need to find out more 🙂

ScottishNana2 years ago

Do you have any ‘groups’ in Orewa.?

saragrownups2 years ago

Hi ksma,
Thanks for the heads up on this one.
Would you be able to give us a little more detail on the particular ‘find out more’ button. This will help us to locate it and solve the problem for you.
Was it on a classified or directory listing?

ksma793812 years ago

Your “Find Out More” button goes nowhere.