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Women Drivers

Woman with bowl by motor home and lake, smiling, portrait, low angle view

Every time I headed off in anticipation of a great trip in an RV I was testing, I was surprised to find that each different one had the same whining noise. It did not take long to trace the source back to the cab. Specifically to my much loved travel ...

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A Whole Lifetime Spent Travelling


Merle Arminger and her husband Raymond are avid motorhome travellers. They have owned their own camper for the past 36 years and have travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand five times, as well as spending three years exploring Australia by motorh

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas – there’s no place like it Ted and Sue White come across a little slice of Paris, New York and Venice in Las Vegas The autumn colours were ablaze with red, orange and gold as Sue and I waved goodbye to Kelowna on October 26. We were once ...

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Potent Pottles & Small Wonders


As long as I can remember, I've kept a bottle of lavender oil on hand to ward off coughs, colds and insect bites; to clean and heal wounds; to assist sleep and diminish anxiety; and simply because I love the intoxicating smell of this magical floral herb.

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