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Southern Hospitality

Map of Nashville Tennessee

The Southern states of the America are famous for being the home of hospitality and some of the most fascinating cities in the United States, and possibly the most fantastic accents. If you’d like to immerse yourself in the music, food and culture of the Deep South, then don’t miss your opportunity ...

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Stay Healthy Overseas

Refreshing summer cocktails and a pair of sunglasses on a table beside a swimming pool at a vacation resort.

When you have spent lots of time dreaming about your next holiday – budgeting, organising leave, accommodation and a getting a holiday-ready body, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and get sick. Once you’re on holiday, how do you stay healthy when there’s temptation everywhere? ...

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 Mexico City

mexico 1

The New York Times chose Mexico City as their top destination for 2016. The reason? “This sprawling vibrant metropolis has it all, from restaurants to museums to shopping and there’s no place on earth just like it.” It is also the taco capital of the world. So, after our holiday ...

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Destination Cebu


The Phillipines is not a traditional holiday destination from this part of the world – often its cousins Vietnam and Thailand are a more popular choice. However, once you are in Hong Kong, the white sand beaches, history and resorts of Cebu are only about as far away as Fiji ...

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Stunning in Strasbourg


In Europe, there is no shortage of breathtaking buildings – homes, castles, churches and fortresses, built over hundreds and thousands of years. The scale of construction is hard to take in – particularly when these buildings are still standing, proud and magnificent, after such an enormous amount of time, when many modern ...

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