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All Aboard The Rocky Mountaineer

HOT Rocky Canada

The Canadian Rockies: majestic mountain peaks, dramatic gorges, stunning crystal lakes and rivers, desert-like canyons, rich ranchlands and UNESCO World Heritage national parks. It gets better; you can catch an award-winning daylight luxury train with panoramic views through the heart of it. The Rocky Mountaineer, a Canadian tour company, is ...

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How To Sleep On A Plane

Studio portrait of an eight day old newborn baby boy wearing an aviator cap with goggles. He is sleeping on a vintage inspired airplane posing prop.

By the time you have planned a trip and organised all the little details required, it’s entirely normal to arrive at the airport more than a little exhausted and looking forward to some shut-eye on the plane! Sleep can be more elusive than you’d like on an aircraft, so take as may ...

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A Guide To Australia


The following is by Douglas Adams of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fame and pokes gentle fun and our Western neighbours. “Australia is a very confusing place, taking up a large amount of the bottom half of the planet. It is recognizable from orbit because of many unusual features, including ...

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This is spectacular, and somewhat unnerving! Imagine how it feels to walk on ice that is so clear it appears invisible…Canada has some amazing spots!  

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To Fly or Cruise?

A holiday date highlighted on a Calendar.

Planning and booking a holiday is an exciting time. Where are you going? How long for? Who is coming too? Cruising holidays are becoming more and more popular. Cruise shops are docking in New Zealand regularly, which is great for both the economy and travellers. To cruise further afield, you may ...

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Creative Travel


Many of us daydream about packing up and travelling the world. Often life and responsibility prevents it, but for one Croatian man, he has turned his wanderlust into books and motivational speaking.

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