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Navigational Genius


Navigation on the ocean takes specific skills. Captain Phillips, of the S.S. Warrimoo, was known as something of a practical joker. On a the night of December 30, 1899, the good captain was, by accounts, relaxing with a cigar and enjoying the calm waters of the mid-Pacific Ocean, as his ship ...

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Ultimate Relaxation


When you think about going on holiday, relaxation is generally your top priority, along with experiencing a little adventure and a new culture. House of Travel offers the ultimate in relaxation and comfort with their new range of river cruising itineraries, in conjunction with Avalon Waterways. River cruising offers the ...

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A White Christmas

LONDON, UK - 19TH DECEMBER 2014: A beautiful view of Tower Bridge during Christmas time in London on 19th December 2014.

A white Christmas is something of a rarity of New Zealanders – unless we are looking out at the waves breaking on the shore! While we antipodeans love our beach Christmases, there is something so romantic and traditional about the thought of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. From the sheer ...

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