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Our People, Our Country

An Easy Omelette and Fleas

An omelet with sauteed mushrooms and cheeses in a frying pan

Join the movement to live a more frugal and less wasteful lifestyle with the Oily Rag community. Columnists Frank and Muriel Newman and their trusty gang of frugal foragers share their tips and tricks each week to save you money, and add to your practical skills. Lil from Whangarei has ...

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Pubs, Muddy Boots and Culture

dog sign

After weeks of planning and a 26 hour plane journey we were finally on British soil ready to embark on a ‘Grand Tour’ of England, Scotland and Ireland. One special reason for making this journey was to find out more about John’s ancestor Thomas Urquhart McKenzie. We knew he had ...

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Low Cost Good Looks

Hair care concept: beautiful healthy shiny hair with highlighted golden streaks and green leaves, closeup shot

  Columnists Frank and Muriel Newman ask their contacts for their best tips on frugal living and pass them on to you.  This week they are talking natural and cost effective alternatives to shampoo and conditioner – which have you tried, or are tempted to try?      Last week a reader from ...

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Travel and Make Music

OTBW 1. edith piaf

Singing for my supper for seven years was the hardest yet most rewarding achievement, which allows me to say that I have no regrets. I know this is supposed to be a travel blog but music and voyage have more than a little in common; they are both like doors into other ...

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Getting The Friendships We Want

playing cards

You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.” Have you been seeing a lot of stories recently about the importance of social connections and the need for friends around us? Most of the commentary refers to the evidence about the ...

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Important Notice – Please Read

Talking about...

Our new GrownUps site has taken a huge amount of time, love and money. We have consulted widely with members and a range of experts to bring you a fresh, modern site that is in line with today and tomorrow’s technology. The premise of the new-look GrownUps is to provide a wide range ...

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Mandarin Magic

fresh mandarines isolated on white background

GrownUps columnists Frank and Muriel Newman are the experts at stretching dollars, eliminating waste and offering creative solutions which enable you to live a full, yet frugal lifestyle. This week, they have information about how to control ants, ideas to use mandarins and their usual helpful tips. Last week NS ...

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Do You Know Someone Exceptional?

golden star on white with reflection

The heroes and leaders amongst us often go about their business quietly and unobtrusively, doing good work because it is personally satisfying to them, rather than for the recognition. As a country, we punch well above our weight when it comes to the number of exceptional people per capita. If ...

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