Saturday, 30 July 2016
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Get Gaming


If you spend time each day on crosswords, sudoku or other puzzles, you aren’t filling in time; you are providing your brain with vital stimulation which can help prevent age-related degeneration, improve your memory and improve your ability to retain and access information – that’s not simply entertainment – it’s vital brain maintenance! ...

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The Joys Of Nature Photography

Edin and Tony Whitehead

We were lying on our tummies on plastic bags in the damp bush, trying to hold our cameras steady while photographing some tiny mushroom shaped lichens. A group of dog walkers gave us a quizzical look as they passed by. Our tutor Edin had created an ingenious lighting system with ...

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Self-Driving Technology Moves Closer


Cars actually driving themselves – even on the best of roads – may still seem like science fiction to many Kiwis, however Jaguar Land Rover’s New Zealand general manager Steve Kenchington believes the technology will ultimately be perfectly suited to our motoring conditions. The company has recently unveiled technology that will allow ...

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UpSkill In A Month

Businessman  that is juggling with a red balls over white

Here at GrownUps, we believe it’s vital to never stop starting – we can always open our minds to new ideas, learn new skills and improve ourselves. Where there’s a will, as the saying goes, there’s a way. Learning new things can be daunting. We get comfortable with certainty; knowing ...

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Māori Language Week

This image shows a maori marae (meeting house and meeting ground)

Today marks the beginning of Māori  Language Week. Learning languages is a brilliant way to keep your memory and brain sharp and increase your knowledge of other cultures. To keep the language alive, it needs to be used. Te Reo is one of the official languages of New Zealand, so make this ...

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