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Oily Rag Mailbag

We thought it worth repeating, for the sake of the frugal festivity lovers, the discovery made by the oily rag research team some time ago.

School Holiday Fun

The noise levels appear to have become amplified in the suburbs, which is a tell-tale sign that school holidays have arrived. That leaves the perennial dilemma of thinking about activities for the kids to do.

Back Yard Orchard

As oily raggers know, when it comes to fruit trees, its really easy and very little needs to be done to produce significant rewards!

Spring Clean

Spring has sprung so here are some cheap and easy tips from readers to make the chore less of a bore.

Oily Rag by Numbers

A little while ago Statistics New Zealand released its annual cost survey results. Included was a summary of cost increases (and decreases!) over the last five years.

Fun and Frugality

The air is abuzz with anticipation and high expectation as the nation counts down the sleeps to the starting whistle in what will be six weeks of whistles and wails, cheers and chortles, and roads clogged with campervans and lost tourists.

Lawn is a Lost Opportunity

We believe frugality is something most people want to do but don't because they don't know how. The best place to start is with your very own back yard.

Milking Matters

The problem, some say, is that consumers are paying too much for their milk. We agree. Most consumers are paying far too much for their milk because they don't know how to shop right.

Pricey Food and Priceless Tips

Each month the people at Statistics New Zealand walk the isles of our supermarkets with clip boards and sharpened pencils to see how the prices of what we are putting into our supermarket trolleys have changed.

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