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Simply, the Telecom R203 Mobile Phone is Simple

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The Telecom R203 Mobile Phone immediately strikes you as a no-nonsense device as soon as you pick it up.

Sturdy, big buttoned and good screen size, all align to make it a great pocket phone that has enough features to make it a keeper – a safe keeper at that.

So many features stand out, but the main ones are:

  • Large contoured buttons
  • Simple Menu
  • The 'secretary' feature that calls out the numbers as you dial them and also when someone calls you
  • Your phone converts to a torch with the flick of an easy to find button on the side
  • Built in FM radio
  • Easy to find volume switch
  • Easy lock and unlock function so that you don't find yourself making long distance calls when the phone rests in your pocket or indeed put a temporary stop to your inquisitive grandchild working out how to use your phone!

One of the best features though has to be the built in Autocall and SMS/Text switch at the back in case of emergencies, if you find yourself in trouble in any way.

You must remember though to have your phone on you at all times.

Not that you should need to refer to this too often, but the Quick start guide Manual to help you become familiar with the phone is actually easy to use – surprise, surprise!

You'll find step by step images of how to use all of the features, especially text messages.

Now that's all the main features you might expect to find but the beauty of this small, but not too small, mobile phone is that you also get;

  • Alarms & Reminders
  • A calendar for all of your important events and birthdays
  • And a calculator.

So when you get your phone home, you fit your SIM card and battery (in fact the nice people at Telecom might even have done that for you), plug it in, charge it up, turn it on and you're away!

Simply, the R203 is Simple. What more could you ask for.

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by beachbelle 27th December 2012 i go tthis phone for Christmas but there was a problem with getting the phone to ring for incoming calls. Instead it was simply speaking the number of the incoming call. took it to the Telecom shop and 3 guys took 20 mins to figure it out. Turned out that a function called Voice Broadcast (the 7th option under Settings) was turned on. Must have been a factory preset in the phone? But all very confusing as there is no mention of this at all in the User Guide ...
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